RE: EOS Phishing Hack - 100 Accounts - What Happened?

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EOS Phishing Hack - 100 Accounts - What Happened?

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Pretty sad , you have to troll instead of giving constructive cristism, yeah is far from perfect we all have to ship in.

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I like how people easily use the word "troll" for things they just don't like. All above was criticism, and it is constructive if it is fixed, it's that easy. Not trolling, just criticism with arguments, learn to take it.

Yeah great to see BP's step up to the plate and take action.. Not everybody is as smart as you are so they got screwed by some idiots..Why you hating??

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No hate. Just saying the a network that went with the motto "Decentralize Everything" is probably one of the more centralized ones there is. And thats just that.

Fair enough is definitely not decentralized as some of us would like for sure...IMO Bitfinex is the big elephant in the room ..

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Sad to see so many trolls

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