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The State of EOS Governance: ECAF & {{ regarbitrator }}

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My disappointment was the unprofessional-ism by certain BP's. Requesting more information on Sam's profile is a valid question. As a community member is my duty to ask tough questions, I dont doubt his contribution to the community, my concern is one person having so much power. Unknowingly he can endanger the whole ecosystem. I hope you understand my point of view as I respect yours; Stating that I don't have clarity is border line insulting. Law does not equal Consciousness .

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Completly agree. Very bad managed situation a non elected person which gives orders (!) to BPs!!

ECAF has no power and doesn't distribute "orders to BPs". The term "order" is standard in arbitration.


Maybe if the word order(s) should be changed to 'decision'


There is a precise lexicon of terms, of which "decision" and "finding" and "order" are all a part. These words are not interchangeable.


What is this "lexicon of terms" and where can it be found?