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RE: EOS, Mike Novogratz and the Psychology of Inflated Expectations

in #eos3 years ago (edited)

Hi, you made a good post. Intresting that you had many views and so few votes while some posts regularly get more votes than views!

It's true there was a lot of rediculous calls on the Telegram chat People jokingly dropping names while others kept asking what time the announcement was.

It seems to be the behavior that goes with announcements of announcements, the hype and unrealistic expections started with hints and rumors of lots of big deals and jokes of legendary partnerships by members of the Block one team some weeks ago.

Announcements of announcements in a speculative market are made for one reason alone and "collective mania" if that is what it was is a part of that.

The price chart you posted does tell the story. thanks for sharing 👍


thanks for your comment. Yes indeed. It was very much the same kind of crazyness we had with the last announcement.

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