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RE: EOS Todo Dapp - Free RAM Model and State Management - EOS + Redux = <3

in #eos2 years ago

This is brilliant indeed!! Immutable states is the way to go, beautiful way to handle it. I wonder though how well it will perform when the dapp scales since a lot of filtering is done in the frontend, am I correct or I understood it wrong?


So in my example redux is on the backend with nodejs. You should handle this in the backend always before serve to your frontend, then you will have no problems regarding filters on the front! But now we should go for Demux, this is the juice:

Oh yes it makes sense to put it on the backend, didn't think about that.. and yes, I remembered this post when I read about Demux few days ago :)) maybe you can write an article about it as an upgrade of this one? Cheers! :)

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