Eos main net crisis and whether STEEM can take advantage 🤘

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So if you are around crypto in this November besides steem, you probably aware of the EOS main net crisis. The CPU prices are sky rocketed and it's minimum 100 Eos needed to stake if a single transcation needed to done.

Whole EOS community is in desperation for alternative/quick solution and converting/withdrawing EOS to other coins. Major DApps are really frustrated with these circumstances and there is no closer solution appearing. It's really sad for the community around the EOS to stuck in these and face terrible situation.

"Earnbet" is the first Dapp came out and warned about the block producers that if they don't come up with solution with in 30 days they will move out from the platform.

The team wrote an article about it saying the main net is in so sad condition that users are unable to operate their account and atleast 100 EOS needed to stake for an operation per single day🤤

Also An EOS block producer raised concerns over the centralisation of the block chain as the major six registered block producers are seems to be single entity and asked them to remove.

Also there are really concerns raising over the authority of the block producers to freeze the users accounts also terming it as transcations censorship. Earlier in June 2018, 27 accounts were freezed by the block producers.

So is there is any chance for steem to take this advantage to spread a word about our fee less easy transcations?

Yes ! Absolutely 😄

Let's go around the twitter and Reddit, offer STEEM as a solution for fee less smooth transactions. Tag the DApps on twitter and mention STEEM and our large community.

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