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RE: 10 Things You Should Know About EOS

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Few questions. Can anyone run a node?
What are the hardware requirements for doing so?
How much bandwidth needed to run node?


My understanding is that anyone can run a node, you just need a Linux or OS X operating system. You would probably want more than one machine for redundancy. Not sure about bandwidth. These are my thoughts. I am not an expert on that kind of thing. I bet others could provide more detail.

I've heard the term redundancy but what exactly does that mean?

Basically a backup machine so you don't fail to produce blocks in case your primary machine goes down.

Oh ok. Got it.

I should clarify that you have to be voted in as Producer by the community.

If you have enough stake you can produce a few times per day without any votes. Get a few votes and you can produce more often.

Thanks for the clarification, Dan! That's pretty cool!

Oh ok thanks for the clarification . I still will look to invest in this if not a producer.

Good idea! Me too. I may consider running for Producer in the future but I still have a lot to learn.

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