HelloEOS: Ownership Disclosure & Corporate Structure

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About HelloEOS

The HelloEOS team is originated from the HelloBTS community established in 2014. BitShares (BTS) is the first blockchain project promoted by EOS founder Daniel Larimer (a.k.a. ByteMaster). HelloEOS is composed of the most powerful graphene development forces and some of the senior community participants in China. The team has implemented in-depth research in Graphene blockchain technology, DPoS consensus algorithm and distributed autonomous concept (DAC). It's noteworthy that the outcomes of the research have been put into practice. With the comprehensive capabilities in graphene blockchain network development and maintenance, HelloEOS is one of the pioneering groups to research and advocate the idea of EOS in China. Its founder Zi Cen is still a member of the BitShares committee.

In March 2018, HelloEOS officially announced its participation in the EOS Block Producer (BP) campaign. Based on its community strengths and technological R&D capacities, the team has been actively involved in the development of the EOS ecosystem.

The ultimate goal set by HelloEOS is to facilitate the forces of community, technology and capital to reach a consensus on the development of the EOS ecosystem. In May 2018, HelloEOS reached a cooperation agreement with Suzhou Tongzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Albert Asset Management, Hangzhou Shuimufenghua Venture Capital, and Hangzhou Fuyun Capital to set up a company - Youzi (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. The pronunciation of "Youzi" in Chinese is quite similar to that of "EOS" in English. The establishment of the company represents the start of HelloEOS' corporatization process to stimulate standardization and professionalization, which are considered a strength to a BP candidate. In the meantime, HelloEOS set up a specific incubator fund named as HelloBIC with the amount of CNY 1 billion in the initial phase and has completed its PreA financing round with the amount of CNY150 million in early June. So far, HelloEOS has formed a vigorous team for the EOS ecosystem in terms of developing a community, an industrial park, a research institute, an incubator fund and the technology.

HelloEOS' Strategy

HelloEOS will build on our previous achievements made through community organization and information dissemination and promote corporate management of the campaign team. At present, HelloEOS is devoting itself to building a top EOS node and community. With the support of its own advantages and strengths, HelloEOS will facilitate the development of the EOS ecosystem following the five main areas: node maintenance, technology research and development, capacity-building for developers, professional media and HelloEOS clubs.


There are four owners that comprise 100% ownership of the companies: Suzhou Tongzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Albert Asset Management, Hangzhou Shuimufenghua Venture Capital, and Hangzhou Fuyun Capital.

Although the financial resources are contributed by the aforementioned investors, HelloEOS are in a relatively stronger position to uphold our working principles and strategic directions, requiring our investors not to intervene.

Yuzi (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd

Legal entity type: Limited company
Jurisdiction: Zhejiang Province, China
Established: 1 June 2018
Scope of Business: Blockchain technology, computer hardware and software, network information technology, data processing technology, development of AI technology, technology services, software development, and network infrastructure.
Ownership Structure:

Suzhou Tongzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.75%
Hangzhou Albert Asset Management14%
Hangzhou Shuimufenghua Venture Capital9%
Hangzhou Fuyun Capital2%

Suzhou Tongzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Legal entity type: Limited company
Jurisdiction: Jiangsu Province, China
Established: 4 February 2017
Scope of Business: Technology services, software development, electronic product technology research and development network engineering, and network infrastructure.
Ownership Structure:

Zicen Zhao66%
Qiang Liu33%
Zhenjie Jin1%

Hangzhou Albert Asset Management

Legal entity type: Limited partnership
Jurisdiction: Zhejiang Province, China
Established: 10 April 2017
Introduction: Hangzhou Albert Asset Management focuses on investment in blockchain projects and innovation as well as crypto asset transaction management in the secondary market. The company has extensive blockchain industry and financial investment experiences. To safeguard crypto assets, the Hangzhou Albert Asset Management creates a strict risk control system which takes the measures of the hardware wallet, the multi-signature scheme, the distributed investment and isolation of risk.

Hangzhou Shuimufenghua Venture Capital

Legal entity type: Limited partnership
Jurisdiction: Zhejiang Province, China
Established: 12 June 2017
Introduction: The company has implemented a large-scale layout in the blockchain industry, taking a multi-faceted strategy to promote blockchain technology innovation and its practical application in industries. It has successfully incubated a great number of leading businesses in blockchain, such as Canaan Inc. and Shuqin Technology. In particular, Canaan Inc. will launch its initial public offering in Hong Kong and become the first blockchain concept stock in the world. The Institute believes EOS is a potential unicorn concept and will be part of its industrial planning in blockchain.

Hangzhou Fuyun Capital

Legal entity type: Limited partnership
Jurisdiction: Zhejiang Province, China
Established: 7 November 2016
Introduction: Hangzhou Fuyun Capital is a well-known investment company in China, focusing on the industries of telecommunication, media and technology (TMT), pan-entertainment and blockchain technology.

HelloEOS' Overall Plan

With regard to the upcoming work schedules, HelloEOS plans to take the promotion of EOS online and offline as a top priority. The five main areas we would like to participate are Media, Tech, Mining, Institute and Club. In addition, we will develop a close partnership with the funds for incubation, research institutes and industrial parks to better serve our work


HelloEOS' Roadmap

  • July 2018: To provide capacity-building programs through the EOS Ecosystem Developer Institute;
  • By the end of August 2018: To set up the community development media focused on EOS ecosystem incubation;
  • December 2018: To establish at least 20 exclusive members-only HelloEOS Clubs around the world
  • By the end of April 2019: To incubate at least 10 EOS ecosystem projects;


Block Producer Account Name:helloeoscnbp
Location: China
HelloEOS Community
HelloEOS Weibo
HelloEOS Wechat:hello-eos
HelloEOS Twitter
HelloEOS Telegram


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