EOS Tribe is a carbon neutral block producer for the EOS Mainnet

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We have joined the movement to make EOS the world's first major carbon neutral blockchain.

EOS Tribe is officially a Carbon Neutral Block Producer for the EOS Mainnet.

Energy Consumption of Blockchains: EOS vs Ethereum vs Bitcoin

The numbers on Energy Consumption by PoW vs DPoS systems is staggering.

The EOS Blockchain Energy Consumption is:

  • 17,000 times more energy efficient than Ethereum
  • 66,500 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin


EOSAuthority has challenged all EOS Block Producers to:

Go green by 30th November 2018 to Offset the entire EOS carbon footprint, 562 tonnes of CO2 for 1 year!

As of Nov. 19th, just 11 days from the deadline, only 21 EOS Block Producers have signed up.

Will you join us? Help EOS Go Green

Read More about the EOS Blockchain Energy Consumption by GenerEOS

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Great news. I thought Faircoin was the first carbon neutral blockchain.