EOS Plane: EOS Block Producer Candidate

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EOS Plane is a game built on EOSIO.

In EOS Plane, players can own unique crypto planes, upgrade the planes in air fights and trade them in the markets.

EOS Plane Block Producer project is initiated to maintain a powerful, fair and stable EOS Block Producer node.

As a member of EOS community, we are trying our best to contribute to community and promote EOS in various ways.


Website: https://eosplane.top
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EOS_Plane


Block Producer name: EOS Plane

Location: Shanghai, China

Expected location of servers: Europe and Asia

Type of servers: cloud servers provided by Google Cloud and AWS.


Wang Lei

Senior Engineer with 17 years of IT infrastructure design and operation. Highly skilled developer in Financial Technologies, including low latency/high resilience computing, hardcore understanding on C/C++, Assembly level performance tuning, Exposure to hardware architecture, Strong Algorithm / Data Structure design.

Yao Yan Wei

The early participant and developer in the blockchain industry. He has 15 year full-stack development career with deep and rich experience in C/C++, javascript, Reactjs, Python and Nodejs. Now He is diving into the EOS smart contract development and building EOS Plane project.


Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018

Block producers Primary:
64 CPU cores, 256GB RAM SSD 20 TB Disk 1G bandwidth .

Full node:
32 CPU cores, 128GB RAM SSD 20 TB Disk 1G bandwidth .

Storage (ipfs):
32 CPU cores, 128GB RAM SSD 200 TB Disk 1G bandwidth .

Block producers backup:
32 CPU cores, 128GB RAM SSD 20 TB Disk 1G bandwidth .

Full node backup:
32 CPU cores, 128GB RAM SSD 20 TB Disk 1G bandwidth .

Storage (ipfs) backup:
32 CPU cores, 128GB RAM SSD 200 TB Disk 1G bandwidth .

Total resource expenditures by June 3rd should come in around $18k.


More backup nodes
More powerful configuration
Higher bandwidth


Fund EOS DApps.
Develop training materials of how to develop DApp on EOSIO.
Promote EOS in various ways, such as translating articles, conducting workshops for EOS smart contract developers.


Telegram Channel: https://t.me/EOSPlane
On the community testnet we're active under the name of earthworm.


May 2018-05
Servers ready for EOS mainnet launch
Load test on testnet

June 2018
Support EOS as BP
The EOS Plane game demo online

July 2018
Publish EOS Plane source code on github.com
Expand IT staff for BP

August 2018
The EOS Plane game online

Q4 2018
Publish EOS smart contract training materials
Continue EOS promotion

Conduct EOS trainings online and offline
Migrate to a dedicated data center plan

Position on Dividends

EOS Plane will NOT offer any payment to EOS token voters for any reason, including BP elections and worker proposals.

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