EOS Telegram Summary 4/6/18 - Hong Kong Announcements

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Early in the morning DST (Dan Standard Time, aka EST), EOS general chat continued its celebration of the Dawn 3.0 release:

Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer explained more about inter-blockchain communication in EOSIO:

Further clarification:

One token to rule them all:

On the importance of helping everyone understand EOSIO:

VC contributions:

More on inter-blockchain communication and how it could work with one token:

And then the event in Hong Kong began:

Attendees posted pictures for EOS general chat:

Ian Grigg with block.one did his presentation:

And then another presenter came on:

Mighty mod Sandwich confirmed:

Defended by the CTO:

Backed by the community:

Dan hammed it up:

Big announcement:

CEO support:

EOSIO Hackathon announcement:

More about the $200 million VC announcement:

Some presentation feedback from the community:

Dan on scalability:

The block.one CEO is listening:

New meetup announcement in London:

Over in EOS Developers, Dan answered questions:

In EOS Opportunities, some consternation about the location-specific hackathon by block.one, and an idea to launch a global community effort:

And in BlockPros, the movement gained traction:


Who are we?

EOS Go is the first source for EOS.

Software company block.one is creating EOS.IO and releasing it as open source code; thousands of individuals will need to come together to bring this new "internet of value" to life. EOS Go is uniting the community for a stronger EOS.

How to Get Involved:

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Dawn 3.0 is great news and great avancement!! i watch in live HK meetup on youtube !! i ressteem to french community!!