EOS Telegram Summary 1/5/18 - Ian Grigg on Everything from A.I. to Raspberry Pi

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Block.one has decided to change the way they forecast development, Ian Grigg was first up in EOS general to explain:

Ian provided more wisdom:

User victornor then brought up a pain point for EOS newcomers:

Later that day Mr. Larimer popped in to break up the monotony with a fun fact about Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS inflation:

Dan always seems to bring the cheer lately:

Until someone mentioned Cardano:

And, as if he doesn't get enough private messages already:

EOS general chat then showed signs of intelligence:

While discussing AI vs. human intelligence:

Ian later jumped in (link to pdf he recommends):

EOS Developers were relatively quiet again today but the BlockPros had another block party:

Block Producer candidates discussed setting up a user testnet with each other; EOS New York stepped in to help organize a time and place for the event:

And Ian went from A.I. to Raspberry Pi:

The BP candidates then moved on to a multi-hour argument about government intervention, malicious BPs, arbitration and more. A snippet:

Moving over to EOS.IO Governance, guess who's there starting the conversation with his new blog post:

Arbitration on the blockchain:

Over in EOSTalks the group discussed a way to solve Steemit's issues:

Finally, Thomas Cox of block.one broadcast this message over EOS Go Comunity Updates to get the word out about changes to the way block.one does development forecasts:

EOS Go aims to unite the community towards launching EOS blockchain - as envisioned by block.one. We're bootstrapping this effort through Steemit with EOS Telegram Daily Summaries and other community updates.

If you're interested in helping with EOS launch - the great blockchain opportunity of 2018 - please get involved on the community forums and/or delegate Steem Power.

Telegram users who would like announcements for these daily summaries and other community updates can find our channel for more info.


Your highlights are always appreciated in the EOS space. :)

Thanks @ikegass33 - glad to be here!

Fantastic work

Appreciate it as always @mjhomb - thanks!

eosgo!! Thank you, your Post.

I want more of these please.. great work! Go EOS Go! :D

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