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EOS Amsterdam will absolutely not pay for voting either for BP elections or for worker proposals. We have a written code of conduct that provides us the beacons to navigate by. We’ll keep course. At stormy seas and on calm waters.

Read our code of conduct

EOS Perspective

EOS is a means and not an end. We believe EOS is instrumental in providing a trustworthy blockchain foundation and applications that run on it. We believe EOS will give the world a robust, transparent and scalable blockchain foundation.EOS should be there for the world and its people. EOS is about creating possibilities. About providing security, truth and proof. About scalable trust. Trust that will be available to every living soul on this planet. Trust available to all. On such trust all can create their own structures and organize themselves. Trust builds freedom. Paying for votes is detrimental to the health of the EOS network.


We secure our operational independence.We do not allow any party that holds, directly or indirectly, an interest in another BP obtain voting power in our organization.
We may surpass this rule if we believe such interest or voting power is not significant enough to have any influence on our independence, provided, however, that we shall always publish such interest(s) and allow anyone to challenge our view in this respect through our internal procedures.

We will not collude with other BPs to circumvent the EOS Constitution or otherwise compromise EOS. We believe that being part of the EOS community means sharing and cooperating. We are independent but also member of a team. We will join efforts and share knowledge with other BPs but always in such a way that our independent position shall not be jeopardized. We will run only one node in the BP network.


Every quarter we will give full transparency on our block producing activities and financial records. EOS Amsterdam Block Producer BV is organized in a separate limited liability company. Our accountant MTH Accountants will provide the transparency.

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