EOS Detroit: An Update, Our Position on Dividends, and Our Roadmap

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Greetings! We are excited to be nearing launch, and our whole team is together in Detroit preparing to make history in collaboration with the entire global EOS community.

In the last few days before launch we are putting the finishing touches on a whole variety of new content to share which will serve to further clarify and strengthen our position as a BP candidate, and introduce us to the world, so please stay tuned!

Position on Dividends

In our EOS Detroit Membership Guidelines we lay out our position on dividends and more:

5.  To maintain independence, EOS Detroit and its members will not hold a vested interest in any other block producer candidates. This includes DAC block producers. EOS Detroit will only run one Block Producer node per network.

6.  EOS Detroit and its members will never pay for approval votes, collude with other Block Producers, or be corruptible by outside interests.

So to reiterate, EOS Detroit believes that giving dividends to voters is harmful to the EOS network and we will never give dividends to voters or attempt to "buy votes" in any manner.

Our Roadmap


  • Began forming our team
  • Announced candidacy


  • Host Hack-Til-Dawn Launch Event
  • Host Thomas Cox for EOS Governance 101 Talk
  • Eosdetroit.com website relaunch
  • Launch cloud infrastructure in preparation for EOS mainnet launch
  • Publish Final Infrastructure Plan
  • Formalize team
  • Finalize seed investment round
  • EOS Mainnet Launch with cloud infrastructure
  • Host/livestream at least one educational/guest speaker event (we’ve done 7 since January)
  • Ex: Blockchain & Politics Fireside Chat with Garlin Gilchrist II
  • Team attends Tulip Conference and CEO @robrigo will be presenting at the BP Summit
  • Sponsoring Detroit Startup Week
  • CryptoCafe
  • Procure bare metal server hardware
  • Co-location contract(s) executed
  • Setup bare metal infrastructure in primary co-location space
  • Begin development on Project Humanity
  • Release initial transparency report


  • Host monthly EOS educational events
  • Ex: Blockchain development crash course (in partnership with Grand Circus Detroit)
  • Announce Co-Hosted Detroit Blockchain Conference
  • EOS Block Producer Panel in Chicago
  • Begin buildout of EOS Detroit office at Red Door Digital Community Center
  • Support Chintai via block rewards


  • Co-Host Detroit Blockchain Conference (November)
  • Announce Detroit Community Investment Initiatives for 2019
  • Complete buildout of EOS Detroit office / install backup bare metal servers on-site

EOS Detroit is committed to providing the utmost transparency, service, and integrity to the EOS network. We will endeavor in all ways to meet or exceed the standards set forth by the community, avoid all conflicts of interest, and to fully adhere to the EOS constitution in all matters. We thank you for your support!


The EOS Detroit Team

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Shame the bare metal isn't ready yet..