EOS ERC-20 Smart Contract Frozen & Snapshot is Taken [EOS Launch Live Update]

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At 22:00 UTC of June 2, 2018, registration of EOS public keys is closed.

To achieve this, the very first transaction that tries to call upon the smart contract that controls this crowdsale will initiate the freeze function.

There has been an incredible increase in the percentage of registered tokens, with an over 98.5% level having been reached a day prior. This is great news, showing that the community has taken the steps necessary to secure their access to their EOS tokens once the EOS network is live.

Now that this contract is frozen, the snapshot of accounts can begin. This process takes some time, as it has to pull all the data from the Ethereum blockchain and search out all transactions related to this contract. Once it has been taken by multiple groups in the community, the contents can be compared to ensure an accurate snapshot has been taken.

Stay tuned for the next EOS launch live update!

EOS Mainnet Launch Timeline

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Continue good work, looking forward to voting for you.

It is exciting to follow EOS and I am curious how fast the various projects will be migrated or started on the Mainnet.

Where do we vote for block producers as EOS holders?