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RE: EOS.IO Storage White Paper Now Available!

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Nice announcements guys, but its not moving the price. I know you don't care and cashed out by now, but I need a pump here soon to get rid of some of these shitcoins.... shittokens I guess they would be called now.


EOS will not get pumped on news. The way the ICO is structured it is meant to evenly distribute the tokens as flat as possible. If you run the numbers you'll find that if EOS hovers around a $200m market cap once all 900,000,000 EOS are released (100,000,000 are being reserved for EOS team), then the EOS USD price will be about $0.20/EOS.

How can you possibly claim a 200m and 0.20 for a market cap and token price?

Simple math friend! And note that I said IF EOS hovers around the $200m market cap mark (which at the time of that post over a month ago was the place it was) then once all 900,000,000 tokens are released then we can expect about $0.20/token.

Outstanding Coins/Tokens x Price per Coin/Token = Market capitalization

So just do the reverse math to get the potential price given a pegged market cap!

So next time before you lob out a value judgement like "how can YOU possibly claim" make sure to engage people on Steemit with an open, inquisitive mind. It will pay dividends and you'll make friends!

Ah, gotcha... somehow the "if" got buried as I read through that. Damn dyslexia. Haha.

Of course, it's near impossible to state what actual market cap or price will be - hence was I was probably taken a bit aback by what read as a conclusive prediction of 20 cents.

If market cap were to stay the same as it is now, but the full supply of one billion tokens were in the market, then yeah. Though I wouldn't say that'd be a fair assumption to base on, as it doesn't take into consideration what apps are yet to come on the platform - which if significant, should drive the value up via the necessity for tokens to be held for their bandwidth.

And considering the performance specs and that has a billion in capital to start investing in app development...

Thanks for your clarification.

No worries and sorry to hear about your dyslexia.

I am buying EOS because I am nervous the market gets smart and sees how powerful the platform will be. That's why even though I think the value of the tokens will still decrease in the near term, I'm buying because if people wake up I don't want to have missed the boat.

Price is now $13.50. Good decision. People woke up!

Just hodl it. We have 8 months to go until EOS releases. I think that careful and calculated timing of the big news will be best for EOS in the long term. Releasing all of the big news today would leave us with 8 months of relatively nothing.

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