EOS -Dan Larimer proposes Universal Basic Income

in eos •  4 months ago

A GUAREENTEED UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME is required as so many people are never going to be able to get jobs in the future of automated jobs. Dan is proposing transferring 4% of EOS income per year into UBI.

See this video

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So if I am understanding this ... People will get paid....from their inability, not their abilities. So they can buy what? A robot?

What is the plan to pay down debt? What is going to fund EOS? I'm not sure how this works. I guess I will have to read his book.

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mate you need a lot of education and I can't help if your this far behind to start with - do you even know how EOS and Steemit create money?


I see how steemit mines steem with the content created. Is there something to read how EOS will create UBI. Yes, I'm curious. There was a book mentioned that I would be anxious to look into. Unless there is a better way that you know of. Help me see your point of view