Yep - enforcement is an issue. (But it's outside the context of this post.) In short, we'd look to an arbitration forum what would hear disputes. So there would be an arbitration clause in the constitution. I recall there was one in @dantheman's EXAMPLE... yep here it is:

ARTICLE 6 - Arbitration and Enforcement

We agree to settle all disputes with any Member through community arbitration under the Rules of Dispute Resolution. ....

Then of course it is a job of work to build that forum!

Yeah I know it's the bottleneck but I wanted to hear your thoughts on that. Smart contracts are awesome but as long as the final word comes from a human judge, this is going to be hard. This is one of the reason I like the concept (yours right?) of Ricardian contract.

Arbitration is a bottleneck typically. This could be a sign of success, or a sign that the host system is inefficient because it is generating too many disputes.

The problem is that any machine (blockchain, Ricardian contracts, your watch, my car) ... works until it doesn't. If we knew why it stopped working, we'd fix it. Therefore what is left over is the problems that the machine can't fix. And the people can't fix - because they would have bought a better machine if one was available.

Therefore we assume that there will always be errors. That require a specialist to fix. That's what arbitration institutionalises - a special path for determining how the fix is chosen. Implementation is a later step but we probably have that with BPs and the like.

I'm not sure if this addresses your question...

Thanks for your time.

I am just starting my PhD and I found your work. I haven't read much yet but I found those issues, that mix blockchain and real life, quite interesting.

What's the PhD on? There's a lot to cover...

Broadly, it's about blockchain as the perfect payment solution. I am supposed to focus on the scalability part but I hope to bring up the security part more. I think everyone should aim for millions of transactions per second instead of I am X time faster than Bitcoin.

Given that position, you ought to be doing some research on EOS. I recommend starting at

Good luck with the dissertation!

For now I am comparing the different systems. For dPOS consensus, I will look at Bitshares or Steem in the mean time. EOS will be a bit later.

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