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so many shills were shillings eos to $1000 and when you would show them simply math making it impossible they would just rant for 30 paragraphs...where are they now?

OMG!!!! Please share good news....why ned start powerdown??


EOS is about as centralised as banks are, but has a slower infrastructure.

And now this. Maybe he's going for the worst of both worlds.

Bad newss are everywhere. Steem is at o.69. Bad news on EOS. Need to show patience and waite for good news.

EOS is kind of sketchy and more hyow than substance. Sold mine and bought Dash. I have more confidence in Cardano to replace Ethereum. Yes it's bed news @dan outsourced EOS


Welcome aboard a good DAO. @staydashy @dashpay

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OMG! Yes @luegenbaron i think EOS is biggest loser.

Hold the line and wait, another crypto bubble is coming. This year STEEM will hit 2 - $3. Its a matter of time.

EOS is the past, STEEM is the future.

A whole complicated bet


heah really bad news

holy crap, just woke up and this is literally the first I read... i dunno what to think anymore about EOS, I want to be positive, but its pretty hard given the evidence, nothing personal against Dan, it just does not look right for the year book picture.

Really bad ,now need to have patience. Patience is bitter but it's fruit is sweet.



Patience for which part?

Eh. I will still hold. Playing with the houses money atm. If dogecoin can still have value EOS will be worth something in the future.

Diverse holdings is my key to surviving the crypto coin shake up. We will see what sticks.

Ohhhh really very sad news,Eos is the biggest losers,and steem low rate also big bad news,Everyone hopes steem rate going up soon,

Well that's cute.

Can someone tell me what will happen after the fork this September?!
I am very confused now! Many diverse news in the crypto world, difficult to catch up with what's real or what's fake.

Steemit is also centralised, isn't it?!
Eos will reveal its true nature!


Every cryptocurrency is centralized to some extent

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First time hearing of EOS, wasn't sure whether to sign up. Went and had a look anyway.. Decided not to in the end.. guess the gut feeling was right.

Oh really......

Wow 😲
More and more shitcoins
This keeps up I will have to start trusting coinbase 🤪

No surprise

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I never boarded the EOS hype train and i'm glad i did not i'm happy enough with Steem...


sorry to hear that moe... but i am also glad that you are happy :)

The article is suggesting 1M/year salary for the hired team member, man, I feel like wanted to join the fun for the first time.

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EOS was always sketchy...

IN DAN WE TRUST, all others pay cash.

nO nEwS iS bAd nEwS.


So you think EOS will be one of the biggest losers?