How to sneak in ICO, even if you're not allowed to

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How to sneak in ICO

Almost all ICO block US Citizens from participating, but there is an easy way to get around. This works for for example.


Most ICO just check your IP Address, if it's blacklisted, you're blocked from investing.

Easiest way is to just cloak your IP with a VPN.

Just select Switzerland Server and it "routes" your IP through another IP, and you can sneak in EOS ICO as US Citizen.


I recommend and use TRUSTZONE.

2017-07-29 10_36_23-Trust.Zone - The One To Rely On! - Trusted VPN Service.png

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  • Follow the instructions for your OS/Mobile
  • Select an European Server. Connect. Invest!


I use my VPN via Mobile when I'm connected to open Wifi, it adds a great layer of protection!

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VPN does provide a good work around and a layer of protection so long as the VPN is legit. Good idea!


yep, they're useful to get around IP blocks and in open wifi. worth every penny in my opinion

I think, this would be a great help for you who would love to invest. I just wonder why they block U.S citizens from investing?


probably due to the laws.


They don't want to file as a security in the US. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing....

Check out Filecoin ICO- listing as a security- accredited investors only.


Filecoin is DOA.

I like eos
but I don t know how is it graw in the future ? will be one of the best or no ! @ash

Upvoted and also resteemed!

Good stuff... Sneaky ICO buying 🤑❤️

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This is something I was not aware off, great content and Resteem this post.

Another technique is to download an EOS wallet and shapeshift from whatever coin shapeshift accepts into EOS in your wallet. The wallet address is not IP based and could be anywhere in the world.

You can also use Opera browser, it fetures an integral free VPN service.


which was bought by a chinese company if I remember correctly. sounds very privacy friendly and secure :)

This works for some ICOs however Monetha and Red Pulse ask for phone numbers addresses and passports. How can we get around a passport requirement?


stay away from KYC projects. no need to think about it in my opinion