EOS = Blockchain Real Estate. How the price of EOS tokens will increase over timesteemCreated with Sketch.

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A very thought-provoking video by The Awakenment

EOS is blockchain real estate

Digital Estate

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I’m not really good at cryptocurrency and what coins to keep eye on, but I watched the whole video.This guy is explaining it very well for people who don’t know much about it.I’m very excited and hopeful of EOS and this post made me believe in it even more.Thank you so much @ash

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I really do want to become a Multi-millionaire 😁Okay, I have some already gonna keep an eye on BTS as well🙂

They plan to have the blockchain june 2018, we will see a big rise on price as that date get near

Great post, resteemed !

Good video... Still not sure what it means, but I got some EOS back when it was low.

nice video buddy

very informetive video, i like this post

very useful analogy thx

I'm so excited about EOS!

yep, me too :)

I would just hope it would come down again a bit so i can get more cheap :P

Awesome video there. A new perspective on EOS!