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RE: EOS Phishing Hack - 100 Accounts - What Happened?

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Jesus christ EOS is the most shilled crypto in a while. It has been a disaster of a launch for a cryptocurrency which raised the maximum ICO at the time of writing with more than 4 Billion USD. It is governed by just a few people who fix things in conference calls and that some have power over other thus governing the blockchain. A blockchain that was supposed to be DECENTRALIZED. How can a blockchain with the motto "Decentralize Everything" be governed by just a handful of people who NOBODY chose? It's just pure comedy what EOS has come to be, without A SINGLE PRACTICAL USE CASE.


Pretty sad , you have to troll instead of giving constructive cristism, yeah is far from perfect we all have to ship in.

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I like how people easily use the word "troll" for things they just don't like. All above was criticism, and it is constructive if it is fixed, it's that easy. Not trolling, just criticism with arguments, learn to take it.

Yeah great to see BP's step up to the plate and take action.. Not everybody is as smart as you are so they got screwed by some idiots..Why you hating??

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No hate. Just saying the a network that went with the motto "Decentralize Everything" is probably one of the more centralized ones there is. And thats just that.

Fair enough is definitely not decentralized as some of us would like for sure...IMO Bitfinex is the big elephant in the room ..

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Sad to see so many trolls

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How has the launch been a disaster. The launch was smooth asf and everything is currently working just fine.

EOS is operating with 0.5 second blocktimes and 0 fees - already it is a game changer.

Are you serious? Please read before posting, it has already been answered. The actual mainnet launch and swap was postponed A PLETHORA of times, and froze for a whole day when bugs were found, and now funds are frozen because a few people said so.

Having less blocktime and zero fees doesn't make a cryptocurrency any better than others. There are already cryptocurrencies with less blocktime and no fees. It doesnt make it better than others, it's just another shitshilled coin which will disappear in no time when people actually realize its totally worthless.

The launching was never postponed - there was no date to when the mainnet would be launch. The only date set was the date where the software would be fully built.

'froze for a whole day when bugs were found'
It was frozen for a few hours. EOS found a bug, immediately froze the chain and came up with a solution in a matter of hours - no other blockchain can do it that fast. If an error turned up in ethereum - no doubt it would be a long process and would involve a hardfork.

'Having less blocktime and zero fees doesn't make a cryptocurrency any better than others.'
Erm yes it does.
'There are already cryptocurrencies with less blocktime and no fees'
There are no other blockchains in existence with less than 0.5 second block times.

These are the types of people that hate on eos. They have no actual facts to back them up and will lose all their money because they get all their opinions from news titles and youtubers.

Yes, the launch was postponed over two times and when it was launched, it launched without being tested over a testnet before. A thing that MUST be done being the cryptocurrency who raised the largest ICO to date.

Having raised more than 4 billion USD and not having tested on a testnet before launch, thus causing bugs and frozen chain for hours on launch, is extremely sad for a cryptocurrency this big.

Also, it's just plain funny how a currency that goes by the motto "Decentralize Everything" is so EXTREMELY CENTRALIZED that things are fixed over a conference call with a few other people. Sad. You're the one that is just plain shit selling a shitshow such as EOS.

'postponed over two times and when it was launched'
It's working now? You probably weren't around but people like you were saying the same thing for ethereum when it launched months late and had really buggy code on release.

'tested on a testnet '
Are you dumb? Dawn 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 were all testnets running software. Not to mention to code got audited by multiple companies before June 1st.

Dumbest shit I've ever heard. You have a brain - use it. 21 nodes is much more decentralized than every other coin in the top 10.

Everything you've said is either insignificant and won't effect eos in any way or is just plain wrong.

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