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RE: The Dawn of EOS.IO

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Hate to burst your bubble but the math he's doing is considering the fact that there will be 1 billion tokens available after the ico. Right now, it's only around 1/3 of the way there(330 million). So if you diluted it at its current price of $1.20, it would be at 40 cents after the ico ends. If your return was 1000x from $1.87, bringing you to $1,870, you would have to multiply that by 1 billion. That's where he's getting that really big number. I see EOS being valued similar to Ethereum. And if the rate of adoption and investment continues, lets say by 2x next year, Ethereum will be around 60 billion market cap. Say EOS is even half of that, at $30 billion, it will be worth $30 a token. If I'm reading correctly, Dan is saying token holders will be able to basically lease out their tokens, which could make it even more valuable. I'd say you're looking at it anywhere between $20 and $100 in the next 2 years. So, I'd say your looking at a return of roughly around 50x. Maybe 1000x in 20 years or something


My thoughts exactly. With added lease potential/delegation. I liken EOS to Steem Power... except not on one platform, but endless platforms. Learning the ins and outs of steemit' framework has help fill in a lot of knowledge holes with real life working examples.

Okay I appreciate the detailed breakdown - all of THAT I definitely didn't understand. But I am a HODLer and all of my crypto is purchased with retirement in mind. So maybe... ty