Beyond Bitcoin | EOS Talk | January 9, 2018

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These raw recordings are presented to you by @Africa

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What is the Beyond Bitcoin Radioshow ?

Please, have a look at the explanation post from @GlitterFart :

Here is the last BitShares special hangout blog.

After talking with Fuzzy, we reach the agreement that it would be cool that I post these raw recordings and upload them on the official SoundCloud channel.

From now on, I'll do my best to provide you, every week, with the best recordings I can post.

I'll post an individual blog for each discussion directly after the end of the presentation. You will also find in my blogs the YouTube track embedded so you can listen directly on your browser or phone without having to install the appplication.

With that explained, I want to emphasise the fact that these recordings are raw versions for the impatients who missed the hangout and want the information as soon as possible. I recommend to everybody to wait for the edited version on the official channel.


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I hope you'll enjoy the initiative.


EOS - Tuesday - 8pm EST

Bitcoin - Wednesday 10pm EST

Bitshares - Saturday 9am EST

Bitshares Discord Channel

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Bitcoin Talk Discord Channel

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nice post
Nice pic

genial.... wonderfull

EOS will go upto $ 19.50

esta muy interesante... esa entrada

yes sir @wasgyo

es un 90% inmimente

Yes @ wasgyo !

Love the Captain Africa photo! :)

thank you to share this informative recording keep it up

EOS to the MOON

HELL YEAH , love the black captain africa

thanks for post :)

you always provid us with the last information thanks for your informative recording

@africa Thank you for all that you do on Steemit. I think the recording are awesome. Please continue to do what you are passionate about. I invite you and all who read this to come join a contest I am doing called "Together We Build 2" it is a wonderful contest that promotes interaction and building each other on Steemit. Thank you so much.

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This cryptocurrency can let we see really good performances. We have to start to add value to crypto and tokes that give to the holders a "real" addedd value, the future is this, not the speculation.


EOS created a system whereby the blockchain handles everything from storage to processing, and allows simple api calls that allow you to easily license your data.

It also does faster transactions, and the reason I believe the eos promise is because the team has done steem, and it turned out ok. They have the expertise to pull eos off and to do it right.

In the end, yes, it is a really good investment. :)

vielen Dank

Its so great sharing this recording with us here. And seeing the @Africa just makes me even happier.

Very interesting read and good content..

I totally saved Cap Af.

Verry good post my friend

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Long time waiting you are coming...
Thank for you information @africa...
Success is always for you...

Thanks for post
المزيد من النجاح والتوفيق 😄

Anyone else looking forward to main net launch in June?

eos and ada cardamon is like telsa vs edison who will win? clearly eos has the budget to build out the chain for some time and make it practical with one billion dollars plus leverage and ada cardona has higher educational pros and if they make a blockchain that can communicate to others will be fantastic both projects are fantastic just the dan vs charles issue is a shame i would be fantastic for them to merge and work together

Very informative. Thanks.