CEO Brendan Blumer Announces $1 Billion in Capital for EOS ProjectssteemCreated with Sketch.

in eos •  2 years ago 

“EOS is the most well-funded project in history, and we plan to soon announce a program for up to 1,000,000,000 USD of capital for EOS projects; we're amidst onboarding a few critical partners first that will give EOS and this program the world-class credibility it deserves”


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Incredible project...going to do more DD

Nothing will be able to touch EOS once it gets off the ground. $1 Billion in liquid cash for developing DAOs and DApps, and commercial scale blockchain infrastructure? This will be an unstoppable juggernaut.

No doubt this will make Skynet look like software for 5 year olds. :-)

Could someone simplify the ROI for investors? If their money goes directly to entrepreneurs paying with EOS tokens in exchange for utilizing the platform, how will a baseless coin like this appreciate in value or pay dividends to investors?

The full details of how the EOS platform will work, and all the different functions it will perform have still not been released. One thing the team have said is that the EOS tokens will be used to pay for storage, hosting basically, on EOS servers for files used by DApps. Locking up tokens the same way we power up Steem will buy you a space and bandwidth on the EOS blockchain. I expect Dan will think up of other ways of staking EOS to make it an attractive token to hold, just like we have here on Steemit, while incentivising real interaction with the platform. I'm sure there are many projects that will want to have a seat the table on EOS in the future, just like they will want to have here on Steemit. That's the value proposition for me, as well as obviously hype, which will certainly come soon.


Thank you for the Resteem, really appreciate it!

Omg! Where did they get that 1B? It is so amazing and unstopable !

I'm not sure where they got so much money, they definitely haven't raised that all from the ICO. They have the funds to develop EOS anyway, even without the ICO money, so maybe it's a combination of that and what they're getting from the tokens. Still very exciting news!

More funding..just what they needed! Now if they only had a product..

I think this is a great sign that they're using the funding they're getting to reinvest back into the ecosystem, and the EOS community. I think it's a great sign of things to come. The product will come, and it will blow everything else out of the water. If you just look at how beautifully balanced the Steem ecosystem is, thinking of that mirrored in the EOS project is quite breathtaking.