[EN/CN] AcroEOS Weekly Report(2018.12.03~2018.12.09)

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AcroEOS recruitment for technical manager

AcroEOS 新人招聘

We are recruiting for a technical manager.
In order to contridute more to the EOS ecosystem, we are preparing various EOS project. In 2019, we will focus on "EOS get closer to the real world". Applier who wants to work with us, please do not hesitate to apply.

Job Description

  • EOS.IO technical issues follow up
  • Node operation
  • EOS.IO based service development

Preferential option

  • Comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrency
  • Passionate staff for learning new technology and issues
  • AWS-based service development and operation experience
  • Git collaboration experience
  • a fluent English speaker

AcroEOS 正在进行 Technical Mamager职位新人招聘。我们为了更广泛地贡献于EOS生态,正在准备计划各种EOS项目。2019年“让EOS离真实世界更进一步”为目标, 想与我们一同努力的同学们请积极加入!

招聘信息- Technical Manager

  • EOS.IO技术跟进
  • 节点管理运营
  • EOSIO为基础的产品技术开发


  • 对整体加密代币的理解
  • 对新技术开发具有热情学习
  • 具有AWS为基础的开发经验
  • 具有Git合作经验
  • 疏通英文


[email protected]

EOS Mainnet Monitoring Weekly Report (2018.11.26~2018.12.02)

AcroEOS provides EOSBIXIN Mainnet monitoring weekly report in Korean.
AcroEOS 每周提供韩文翻译版EOSBIXIN主网监控周报。

EOS Mainnet Monitoring Weekly Report ( 2018.11.26~2018.12.02)

Review 2018 and the future of EOS 回顾2018及 EOS将来

We summarized the roadmap of EOS and analyzed EOS in the future.
我们总结了2018年的EOS的主链上线以来大大小小事件, 并为未来EOS将来进行分析。

2018을 마무리하며, ONGOING EOS

We are reaching the conclusion and making the strategic planning for the upcoming 2019. We will update our new plan as soon as possible.
我们AcroEOS为即将到来的2019年, 正在回顾总结并筹划新的一年计划, 详细内容敬请期待!


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