📢 EOSTalk Live TONIGHT at 8PM EST ~ Special Guest Interview from Everipedia

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Join us LIVE for EOSTalk with @OfficialFuzzy and special guest from Everipedia!

🌄 The Dawn of a New Age in Blockchain Technology

Every Tuesday night we gather to discuss all things EOS. From the capabilities of this next generation blockchain technology to the benefits of DApps under development for EOS will have over those on current blockchain networks.

Tonight we will have our first guest interview from a major application making news with its plans to move build on EOS technology. Join us tonight to find out who this special guest from Everipedia is and join in the discussion in the live chat on YouTube.


Unlike previous encyclopedia projects, the encyclopedia blockchain won’t be limited to just one community—so, not just Everipedia. You’ll contribute to it using whatever system you’re most comfortable with. The blockchain will be a decentralized network, much like the internet itself—governed by a neutral, technical protocol—and, by contributing your labor, you’ll become a co-owner of the resource.

The project will be built in three stages. To get the ball rolling, Everipedia will put its own content on this blockchain. This entails putting much of the English Wikipedia on the blockchain, since Everipedia began as a fork of Wikipedia. The project itself will be built using EOS, a blockchain technology, and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for hosting the content itself.

*Source: Wikipedia’s cofounder on how he’s creating a bigger, better rival—on the blockchain (Quartz / qz.com)

Screenshot from Everipedia's Nikola Tesla page.


With: @OfficialFuzzy
Host: @ByCompoundFilms
Co-Host: @SteemPowerPics
Special Guest: Everipedia


💬 Questions will be taken from the audience in the YouTube chat.

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or be ❏ :-p

Here is the recording from this EOSTalk LIVE Event...

You've got a good idea to welcome you. @steempowerpics

How to join?


It will be streamed live at http://beyondbitcoin.club