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RE: [BeyondBitcoin RSVP] Whaletank Hangout #227 | 2017-10-07 | Sat @230PM UTC | Over 650 $BD in Awards!

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Blockchain Radio (Placeholder)
Relevant Steemit Tag? none
Appropriate links to share?
Steemit and/or Mumble account name of Representative/Speaker: jringo
How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage? Is this even possible?
What is your bitshares account name? jring-o


Just to get a summary, you are looking to put together this live interview/broadcast radio project and need help/guidance for setting up the production process and establishing a UIA Token to support it?

That was a lot of info in the comment above :-)

💡 It might better to put that all in a post on your blog, then just replace that info with that post link. That was the community can also support by voting on that project post.

Thanks for the advice, I'll do that = ).

Yes to your summary. Absolutely. I am also looking for people who want to be hosts, have interest in participating to talk about specific subjects, and people who want to help make this a reality. Plus general feedback regarding the idea.

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