5 Reasons to Redesign Your Website Annually

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At the core of every digital marketing campaign is a website where the sales or introductions happens. This is why its vital to upgrade and revamp your website annually. With your website being the face of your brand, you want to keep it fresh, clean and looking its most attractive rather than old and boring.

With so much options and trends, it may get overwhelming to know which options will give you the best effects. Read on to see each option you have and how each will benefit you so you can choose wisely.

1. Better Navigation

website navigation

When users arrive on your site, you want them to be able to use it with ease and move about easily. It will be a big no no on your part if you allow them to struggle in finding the information they want from your site. With poor navigation, this will add onto that and may lead them to leave your page and go onto your competitors. It would be a big waste if you lost leads simply due to this reason.

In order to improve this, you have to test your pages to check how people can easily find the information they most likely need from the site. You can also get volunteers from friends or family to find a page on your site and test how long it takes them to do so. This can help you gain a viewpoint from someone who is unfamiliar with the site and how they'd navigate it on their first try.

If you notice that they are struggling with it then your site may need a redesign that will help create navigation that's simple to use and easy to understand.

You may want to categorize your content onto different tabs so that it will be easier for them to find their needed information. Having generic headings that can fit several subcategories per tab is the best option.

For example, if you have sell a particular product with different styles like Lash with Love, you can categorize it per occasion so you have an 'occasion' tab. Within this you can have weddings, birthdays and the like. This will break down all the categories to subcategories. Thus, your audience has easier access. A website redesign will provide your brand navigation that will keep leads engaged longer and lead to more sales.

2. Brand Update

brand website rebranding

In order to allow your brand to keep up with the current trends, it's important to always update it. Whether it's your logo or your overall branding, it needs to be evaluated every few months or so. A brand that looks like it's from the past stays in the past. A brand design from the 90's won't be relatable and noticeable for your 2019 audience. You have to redesign the site to stay connected and current along with your audience.

If you've recently rebranded or considering it, your website has to match. Your site should be an accurate description of your business. If not, this inconsistency may lead you to lose brand recognition along with quality leads.

At the same time, the rebrand opens you up to an opportunity towards modernizing your brand as an online marketing move. In updating the visuals, design elements and navigation, you create a website that's appealing to a modern audience.

3. Lack of Leads

lead website upgrade

When you start to gain traffic on your site, the next you want them to do of course is to actually stay there. Your website, as we've discussed previously, is the first impression of the audience towards your brand. If people are leaving as soon as they arrive or without viewing other pages, it is a big sign to rethink your current design.

Losing traffic over poor design is common especially for brands who've gotten complacent due to their products selling well previously. While that is a good sign of progress, your website looking well may even bring your brand a new born boost that will bring new leads. If you're a brand who's getting traffic but having trouble retaining that then a redesign may be the next step for you.

By making your website modern and updated, you can gain more interest and create a bigger impact on your audience. You can also open more spaces for interaction as the best way to know what a customer wants is from the customer themselves. Doing so may help decrease your bounce rate and convert those traffic into business sales.

4. Slow loading speed

loading speed

As people's attention span become shorter and shorter, the worst thing for them is slow loading pages. They want page access quickly and easily. If your page takes too long to load, along with its images and graphics, leads may end up looking for other sites with a quick exit.

The loading speed may be due to a lot of things such as your coding or your visual elements. With a website redesign, you can do better and start fresh. Optimize your site to run faster and better. From the very start, you have to optimize your images. Doing so will keep your site from bogging down. You can also load the content faster.

You may also host your videos on third party sites like YouTube because these files are usually large and may be a big part in slowing down your site. Double check as well that there's no extra code or blank spaces in your code. While these seem like small things, they have a big impact towards how your site performs.

If you want better reviews on why your site is bogging down, you can make use of the Google PageSpeed Insights. Through this tool, you can measure how quick your site loads. From here, you can make the changes towards improving your site performance. You may also use services of digital marketing companies like EOI Digital. You can invest in web design as well to be able to cover all aspects of your website.

By redesigning your website, you have a fresh start with a fresh site that's easy to manage for any type of user.

5. Mobile Optimization

website mobile friendly responsive

Being mobile friendly is a requirement nowadays. More and more people are dependent on smartphones and tablets when it comes to conducting searches and finding what they need. If you want them to consider your site credible and useful for them, it's important to invest into responsive design.

It's a completely different experience when comparing mobile and desktop. Accessing a desktop site via mobile gives you a struggle for an experience that you'd almost immediately look for an easier experience. The part of zooming in and out and ending up clicking the wrong thing happens too often and easily. Such an experience leads them to click away.

So what do you need to do in making a mobile friendly site?

The best option towards creating a mobile-friendly site is though the implementation of responsive design which digital agencies are experienced in doing. This lets your website to adapt in whatever device it's using. Altogether, it creates a pleasing and memorable experience for users on your site.

And that's it! If you can relate to any of these reasons then we recommend a redesign so you can make the most of your website and highlight your brand the way it deserves to be noticed. We have full comprehensive Digital Marketing Guide if you want to learn more and start on digitally marketing your brand. We are a digital agency that specializes in web design and digital marketing so we can help you if you need any help. Feel free to drop us a message and let us help you boost your brand to the top!

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