How to get your hands on the LOLISTRAW: The world’s first edible straw

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The LOLISTRAW is the world’s first edible, compostable and marine-degradable straw.

We've all heard about the huge problem with using single-use plastics like plastic straws. But thankfully there are now eco alternatives, like metal and bamboo straws, widely available on the market. But this latest straw creation from LOLIWARE caught my eye because it's the first edible straw in the world!! It's definitely the first tasty utensil I've ever come across.

LOLISTRAW: The world’s first edible straw

Created by US brand LOLIWARE (the makers of the edible cup), the LOLISTRAW is the world’s first edible, compostable and marine-degradable straw. Made from LOLIWARE’s patent-pending, seaweed-based material technology, it's 100% PLASTIC-FREE, safe to consume and tasty too! They come in different flavours including citrus and vanilla!

Its creation seeks to replace the 500 million plastic straws used every day in the US! By utilising LOLIWARE's seaweed technology, the straw lasts up to 24 hrs in a drink and has a shelf life of up to 24 months. It's fully biodegradable and composts in 60 days or less.

While metal or bamboo straws have a much longer lifespan, I love the idea of these LOLISTRAWs. I think they'd be perfect for cafes or restaurants - where you'd need single-use utensils for hygiene reasons. Plus these would be great for parties and events. They are fun, colourful and definitely unique.

Support the LOLISTRAW

If you’re interested and want to get your hands on some, you can support the brand's INDIEGOGO campaign. The brand has already exceeded their goal by 164%. So it appears lots of others agree that this could be a game-changing invention!

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