Will the planet starve?

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George Monbiot writes some strong articles about the environment, but this one is really scary. Humans may eat the planet to death. It's not just that the population is increasing rapidly. We are also destroying our food sources. Soil is being depleted, water sources used up and polluted, the seas being pillaged of life whilst choking on plastic and other pollutants.

We have to face the facts of living on a finite planet. Commercial pressures are encouraging the destruction of the remaining wild environments. At current rates we will have hardly any wild forests left within our lifetimes.

He mentions the major impact of eating meat. It requires far more resources than other food sources and consumption is increasing faster than the population. This is one of the reasons I gave up meat many years ago. Even cutting down a bit will help.

There are at least some encouraging signs. The Blue Planet 2 series has shows us more wonders of the seas, but has included heartbreaking scenes of animals killed by our thoughtlessness. The final programme went into more detail about our impact, but showed that some populations could recover if given a chance.

Even if a species does recover now it is still in danger as we dump more waste in the sea and global warming is having an impact. Even if you don't think we cause that you cannot deny that humans are responsible for the plastic and other waste.

We can each make our own efforts to improve matters, but there needs to be action at national and international level to make a real difference. We need leaders who can think about the long term. Those seem to be lacking.

We have to care about more than ourselves.

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It's so complicated at so many scales. It helps me to recall how countries came together so quickly with the Montreal Protocol to stop chlorofluorocarbons that were depleting the ozone layer. It did slow down the destruction, then stopped the losses, then allowed recovery of the the ozone layer. Although the recovery is not yet complete.


We have to think about the long term. I want a good world for my kids

the biggest killer of the planet is - greed. We are told from day one to want more. More of everything.

And now that has morphed into wanting the latest of everything.

As long as people are consuming as much as they possibly can - gorging on stuff there is not much that can be done.

You can save the environment until you change the people. Unfortunately there is no money in changing the people.

In terms of rebuilding fisheries etc, it can be done. it has been done here.

When i was a kid and growing up, you were not allowed to catch trout that were under 12 inches long. there were massive fines for doing so and it was enforced.

Now there are no size restrictions because we have too many large trout!
You still need a licence and the fisheries are still monitored to ensure they are stable, but this is a case where proper management can bring about a sustainable balance.

it can be done. We just need to change the people.

Have you heard of permaculture? It is an awesome design science that is starting to get really popular. It gives us tools to build systems that are good for humans, earth, and creates abundance. The first place to start is with yourself. Focus on what you can control, then move out from there. We are, after all, the "brain" of the earth. We have a great responsibility to not separate ourselves from nature but to be the best part of nature. WE ARE NATURE. I would think very hard about giving up meat. There are a lot of scare tactics in that regards and many people who give up meat become depressed because there is a certain protein that we only get from meat that regulates our mood. Products like corn and soy are just as bad, if not worse than factory farm style meat production on the environment. Animal production permaculture style, is actually the best way to improve the soils. Anyway, check it out!


I'm aware of it. We have our own garden where we try to grow a few things, but we won't be self-sufficient. Farming just seems to be an industry now focusing on maximum yields and profit rather than sustainability. I hope some farmers will tell me I'm wrong.


Awesome! Yeah, I try to do as much stuff for myself that I can, (or at least know how) and then try to find people that share my values that I can buy the rest from. I don't think we need to produce all our own things, I think we just need to be more careful with who we give our dollars to. If we reward people for doing things in a sustainable way, it will encourage more people to do it.

Hello @steevc
Truly, the earth is dieing. I saw a joke where the earth was a patient and the planet doctor told earth her test results are ready. The result was bad cos earth was detected to contain humans! 😱

It may seem funny but it is true. Air pollution leading to global warming, overall climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer. Many disasters to come at this rate. Flooding here and there.

Just some months ago, a chunk of the Antarctic ice shelf broke away into the sea. It was about the size of London. Imagine if that melts, sea levels rises. More floods.

We need leaders who can think about the long term. Those seem to be lacking.

There was a Paris accord to stop air pollution by stopping the use of PMS n other oils causing air pollution from cars. Many World leaders were part of it and I hope it does help the situation of our poor planet earth.

My little way of helping here is to stop pollution.
Steem on!


Have you watched https://www.forksoverknives.com/?

This one changed my perspective on things. I used to worry all the time about health. But strange thing is, if you just take care of yourself, then the fear of the rest of the world starts to fade away. Staying away from TV News and Mainstream Shows has also helped. Be well. Nice reconnecting with you.


Not seen that. I'll have a look. The news media is not as big an issue as some make out. There are those who want to discredit them for their own benefit


To each one's own in regards to mainstream tv. All I know is I have watched my grandparents waste away while sitting in front of the TV News like an addiction. I have noticed since my grandmother has watched less tv news, and listened to records or gone outside, she listens better and remembers things. I am simply sharing my own personal experience. To each one's own. Be well Steev! If you are ever passing through St Louis, would love to have you join us at this weekly steemit meetup: https://steemit.com/life/@jacobts/st-louis-steemit-bitcoin-happy-hour-3-invitation Cheers :)


Too much of anything can be bad. I'd love to get there some day

We are indeed responsable for the plastic and the overall pollution in the planet.

I think a key aspect here is to take into account how much food we end up throwing away, without it being decomposed.

I mean, we all know a lot of restaurants (and some people too) throw food away on a daily basis.

If we could conscientize everyone about this little aspect, we could feed a lot more people with the current level of food production.

I am optimistic about the future, there will be challenges of course, but I think we will overcome them. Food production/scarcity will not stop our progress. That’s my believe.

What’s yours?


Waste is a major problem. We throw away loads of food and then there's all the plastic and other materials that are just used once.

We can't just fix this with technology. Attitudes have to change. Most of us can live happily with less stuff.

well people need some thing for them self but . they are crossing limit and they ware not looking what is best for the nature as well


Exactly. Even I have too much stuff, but I do what I can

My Two Cents

Maybe fear mongering isn't the best way to go. Maybe there's more arable land in the US and Asia than some are willing to admit. And just maybe there's more value in our ancestral wisdom than in overly engineered farm contraptions.


I think we have to be realistic. We are trashing a lot of good land and we need to leave some for nature

some will starve and some don't that was always the case as it is now too. the analogy ofc isn't the same from time to time and i only think there are 2 possibilities in the future. 1) find new ways to provide the beneficial vitamins and stuff that food give us in forms like peels but more like what you watch in sci-fi fees and other is go to war kill a percentage of the population have a higher one starve and then the economic upraise will start to slowly come to life again


We don't have to kill each other and there's no need for anyone to starve if we could sort out some of the political issues. Any leader who lets their people starve should go on trial.


i totally agree but that's how the world works even though there are people trying to change it for the best. most of the people that have great power either it is called money,fame or merely power they dont wont to miss it or starve so they gonna do whatever is up to them to keep it that way but as i said this is one possibility that has happen in the past quite a few times but i want to be optimistic and say with the tech we got we can do better

It's a very simple way to take care of this,people should should take care of so that the earth will not suffer depletion