Green shoots of recovery, but plenty to be concerned about

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In these times of gloomy environment news it is easy to get depressed and we should look out for good news.

Out of focus bumblebee in my garden to have something green in the post. The bees have been pretty active and love this plant.

With forests being destroyed around the world tree planting should be a priority. It needs to be done carefully to create and restore the habitats that local fauna and flora need. In Ethiopia they planted 353 million trees in one day this week! If a large proportion of those grow to maturity they will help stabilise soil and enhance the local climate. India has also had mass tree plantings.

In contrast the UK managed just 15 million in 8 years with government funding. We need far more than that. Doing so will offset some of our carbon emissions. This country was covered in forests centuries ago, but they were sacrificed for ships, building houses and agriculture.

Also in India there has been a big increase in tiger numbers in the last few years. Numbers could be up 50% since 2008. There are issues where they come into contact with people as that is likely to end badly, but it is a huge country and there ought to be room for both. My parents visited a tiger reserve in India a few years ago, but did not see any.

Meanwhile News Corporation papers are attacking climate campaigner Greta Thunberg. Very big of them to criticise a child who acknowledges her condition. That does not mean she is not spreading the right message. She is a figurehead, but there are thousands of scientists and millions of regular people ready to back her up. The papers may be representing fossil fuel companies who buy advertising with them and seek to control the agenda. Greta will be sailing to the USA to attend some meetings, but may not visit the president as he does not seem open to listening. He is also backed by the fossil fuel industry. Yes we need employment, but it has to be sustainable. Short term profits could be our doom.


If the Greenland ice melts then Trump's New York properties could be flooded.

We have to keep pushing for real action and not empty words.

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I saw that astonishing news from Ethiopia. Yet it got a one line comment on the mainstream media?

353 million trees in one day! Surely that should have had more in depth coverage?

Greta meeting Trump would be an intellectual challenge....for Trump!

He is a moron of the highest order and he's in charge of a lot of nukes?😱

Trump has no hidden agenda. It is all in plain sight.

He is building a hotel in Moscow. Putin and Trump are best buddies with a vested interest in fueling a new arms race.

P.S. There is a @treeplanter account on steem. They must have planted 1,000's of trees by now?

They have been on here for years?

I'm a huge Greta fan - I think News Corp is losing its ability to control the news agenda - climate change has finally made it to the BBC weather!

Amazing news about Ethiopia although that might not be putting us to shame as (a) those tree plantings could well be funded by UK aid money and (b) how valid are those stats?

Ethiopia's a country I'd like to visit.... fascinating history - the only uncolonised country in Africa!

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Well I know @pennsif plans to grow lots of trees. We need some sort of movement to get it happening here.

I love how plainly this young lady calls out everyone and all their bullshit. There are few things I would enjoy more than seeing her embarassed Donald Trump on television. There's absoloutely zero chance that he would ever meet w/ her.

Sorry I didn't upvote this one sooner. You must have slipped it in on Friday after my daily autovote threshold of you was already met. :)

No problem. I don't expect votes from anyone, but I'm grateful when I get them.

Really pleased to see this post. I am really impressed with Ethiopia's green legacy initiative. Their per capita CO2 emissions are nothing like that of US, UK or other western countries and their afforestation efforts will benefit us all 🙏

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The US now ramping up the trade war with China and pulling out of the nuclear proliferation treaty with Russia as well as their seeming lack of belief in the critical state of the environment makes you wonder if there's a hidden agenda.

Times indeed are extremely gloomy on a number of fronts.

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I don't know about hidden agenda, but nobody cares about what happens years down the road. They want their profits now, and whatever happens to the next generation is not their problem.

Well done of us care. Need to vote out those destroying the planet

I do wonder about their motives. Creating conflict is bad for just about anyone who is not selling weapons.

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