It is off! Attn mega video on Ecobricks launched

in environment •  7 months ago

Its Off!! Attn: has published their video on Ecobricks! In been only 16hrs and it's already exceeded a million views! Attn did a great job-- Ecobricks represent a fundamental difference way of doing things, and most media reports get the essantials wrong-- but Attn staff took their time, did their research and got the details right. I proud that the video shows ecobricking in the Filipino Coordilleras and so many of our trainers in action (that's the Jogja team building the giant tower, and Pak Ngurah making a table in Bali) and that Ani Himawati and I did the video together <3. A few things got cut (i.e. there's lots of ecobricking in central and south america too!). Already we have tons of traffic hitting our site and app registrations-- great news for the normalization of ecobricks as the go-to personal solution for plastic transition! Alas, this will definitely be the last time I do an interview at 7AM before having coffee or breakfast!!

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