What does it mean to have your day wasted?

At the waiting of the court, with my colleague @denix

OK, so I woke up this morning, having made my 'to-do list', I was super energetic to kick start my day with maximum productivity.

Only for me to look over the files on my table, like a hunch, it dawned on me that I am not yet done with the Change of Signatory for my association Bank Account.

Been the president, everything rises and fall in you. While Delegation is the key to getting things done, there are certain things that you just cannot delegate and the change of Bank signatory seems to be one of them.

The Bank Scene
So on getting to the bank, I filled in the necessary documents, only to be told by the customer that one of the signatories access BVN profile does not correspond with the information he filled in. Damn! The waste of day just got started! Raaaaaaaaarrrrrr! In order to correct this, we were mandated to get a court Affidavit A journey i left for at 9am, now the time is 12:07pm.

The Court Scene
So we came out of the bank and boarded a bike straight to the court. When we got there we had to wait for another one hour in order to secure a court affidavit. We were charged 1,200 naira. Personally ,I am of the opinion that the court affidavit ought to be free or perhaps even cheaper than the price [1200] we were given. Now we are done with the affidavit and the time is 1pm . From here now, we will head back to bank to make the BVN correction before we could proceed to the other bank for the processing of the change of signatories.

Life of an Entrepreneur!


You dont just start moving out without scheduling your journey daily. What you dont plan for that day,you dont engage in it. Unless it comes under unforeseen circumstances.

Thanks. I will surely put that into practice.

In as much as you plan for your day, eventualities can come up that will alter your plan. So always nice to give room for such so you won't feel bad if your day didn't go as planned.

Thanks for your wonderful response.