6 Tools that will help you succeed in Leadership

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Leadership is one part of life that seems to be inevitable to few, while to many, it's a 'No No' option.
Out of the few who seems to be in leadership, only a handful of them are performing above average, while others seems to be performing below the average mark.

So why is it that only a handful of leaders are performing above average while others are not?
The answer to the above stated question lies in the leadership tools that is been used by the leader.
Below are some of the notable tools been used by good leaders amongst us.

Great leaders exhibit a reasonable amount of influence. Remember he who think he is leading with no one following him is only deceiving himself. Having self confidence and being known specifically for one thing will trigger an influence that will span to other areas of your life .

Power of Conviction
People follow men who have total belief on one course. One common thing about good leaders around the world is that they posses a deep positive self conviction on a particular course.

Ability to Communicate effectively
Elon Musk is known by TESLA engineer to be a good communicator once it comes engineering designs and structure. TESLA has over 1500 staffs under the Influence of Elon musk.

Ability to Delegate
Doing all the work yourself doesn't make you a good leader rather it makes you an incompetent leader. With delegation, you can get more work done.

Listen to Understand and not reply
Good leaders are known to be empathic listeners . They don't just listen to give reply rather they listen to understand and proffer solutions.

Ability to Form Allies
The Importance of Ally cannot be over emphasized. A typical example of this is the relationship between the Government of UK and that of the USA.
Ally is more like a T.E.A.M [Together Everyone achieves more].

The nature of Leadership has changed within the years but the above stated tools still stands the test of time with respect to good leadership.

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Listen to Understand and not reply

i so much concur within this part, good leaders do more of listening then less or rplying.

This is lovely. Learned a lot about leadership with this. Anyone who abides by these rules will sure make a great leader. Thanks to my co-entrepreneur.

Keep it up bro!

Let's keep the fire burning dear. Thank you Entrepreneur