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in entrepreneur •  last year 

Hi nalabra, will fill it out. As a fellow crypto enthusiast/ investor I created a website that uses the steemit community to collect answers on questions that defines what a crypto is about.
This way, grading becomes possible using benchmarks, written on the steemit blockchain. I am looking for someone with entrepeneurial skills to see how to take this forward, ie I need to figure out how to make the website more accessible and understandable, the long term plan is to make the most comprehensive ranking website for crypto based on as much properties as is feasible.

If you are interested let me know 😄

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Hi @oudekaas, feel free to email me some more info at [email protected] and I'll see if I can be of any help to you.

Hi nalabra, did you receive my email? Probably made a bit too long to read in my enthusiasm hehe