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Tweaks in...

(Wa wa wa wa, humming Rianna- work)

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OK, there is a transmission, transmission.. No I mean amebo transmission on steemit transmission. Hahahahah
Is them that know oo...
All glory to God, for life. Glory to him cos you are here today on this show to read my dairy
Just know I appreciate your coming, and I love you.


Hahahaha, so another awesome episode of my steemit dairy, specially prepared for you. Just you alone.
So let's get started... I got a lot of gist for you, a lot of amebo as usual
Let's go!!!
Exam things on point, but still a lot of things going in my head.
But one thing I believe, everything is for our own good. No matter how bad the situation is, it is for our own good. So I stick to God.
I have just four more papers to go, exam has been stressful as usual while I'm try to stay connected here. I hope for the best tho, so I do my best.


  • who else noticed @phunke, who talks about children and their upbringing, it been a while we saw her, or did I miss her?

  • A lot of accolades for our dear @ogoowinner, she is so working sponsoring the @naijapidin development and it been pretty cool.

  • @naijapidgin now has a discord channel!!!
    Now you can follow the trail, use the tag and get upvote!!!
    But note!, plagiarised posts would be flagged!

  • SIN2 has a lot of amazing contest ongoing, by @ehiboss, @mediahousent.
    You should participate and stand a chance to win SBD and free ticket to SIN 2

  • Hahahaha, did you see the kare kare @adoore-eu made for @surpassinggoogle? That woman is a wonderful cook, despite the fact that @surpassinggoogle loves the taste of starvation (he barely eats) she still had to press him until she preparedkare kare for him. Lolss, you should see the look on his face, he was pleased

  • Congratulations ooo, It seems one of the Nigerian curators just got a new ride, information reaching me... A lot of people congratulating @fisteganos. Fi baba, have heard a lot about him, I saw him in a video carving eyebrow, your girlfriend is lucky oo

  • Why is there no meet-ups bells now? Is it the price of SBD that caused it?.

Humm oya come, leme feed you with some gossips

  • Do you know during the week @drigweeu travelled to Aba for tourism(that rich man) and guess who he hooked up with? @adabless(that fine girl). Hmmm! Who knows what is brewing between this two, are u sure it just for tourism? ( run away, is nor in my mouth you will hear it, shogbo)

  • Humm i think i need some explanation oo, i'm not understanding all these lovers oo @smyle has been rumored to be dating @scarletmedia. Someone made a post about their relationship and @smyle confirmed it by commenting on the post saying "yes I am the smyle". Wait what of that other rumor? Who is dating who self?

  • Humm, see who is professing love, @anikys3reasure confessed she loves @dubem-eu after they had a fall out on @euronation group chat. It was so deep that solicitors had to come in but finally they kissed and made up. Hahaha, love wan tin tin.

  • Humm @amec!!! How many times did I call you?
    Do you remember that SBD you sent to @jeanieapearl with the memo " I miss you"
    You better be fast about it, @fantomcee is having a crush already oo. Don't say I didn't tell you.

  • Wait oo, why is @bobelr name missing in Euronation admins, what happened?

  • Guess who was the guest of our popular TGIF show.... @eunireal1 that contest witch. Better check it out now. (Thanks for the mention boo)

  • @amec, what did I hear u say to @destinysaid? That was how he was caught prophesing love for @destinysaid

  • @ewuoso, continue killing them oo. Se that how life is... You killed it, dressed it, fried it, and even ate it before you. Not even come and take oo. The lord know your number.

  • @zizymena, how far na? I need some explanation.

  • @destinysaid, please me too I'm in love, come and show me love pleaseeeee. Wow, guys you can't imagine how many people sent him bottled messages and shout out on TGIF show by @jeaniepearl. Please love me too.

  • Come leme tell you, I'm sure you haven't heard cough @mediahousent baby is on steemit, her name is @oluwabukola (namesake) such a lucky guy.

  • I'm happy for all these guys oo, while some are still crushing rhyming. Some like, @camzy, @illuminatus @amec, @marvel, @stevenervet nor me that tell you oo

  • @iamchijamz, come and pay the bride price to me if you know you like @adabless. I can collect payment small small oo

  • @illuminatus, your name is always appearing in every episode to be crushing on someone and this time it is @enoye


So how are ya doing newbie, hope you are enjoying your stay here.
Make it a must to post everyday.
@gee1 fun time is there for you to catch fun
@ulog is there too, tell us how your day went
So many contest and challenge to participate in.

So @soorefunmi made an explanatory post about steemit. Visit her blog and read, you would love it

See who was caught breaking. Hahaha @mimy the break dancer.


  • @bookoons hair, you would definitely find your style.

@air-clinic show!!!
You dont want to miss out any of the weekly activities...
Check them out and make sure you participate
Join the shows and win sexy SBD courtesy to @klynic

missing items

missing item
@jeaniepearl TGIF show is out, don't carry the course

Tomorrow, anticipate
@zizymena Saturday night (Hahaha)
@oluwatobiloba Saturday talk show( I sent ice cream to everyone last week)
@soorefunmi saturdayselfiecontest (let's see your face)
@adoore-eu, restaurant with mouth watering meal( mama, I'm hungry)
Catch up on @camzy blog for entertainment flash

To my lovely readers, thanks for coming. I love you
Well, I need to take a break, I have exams on and it not so easy combining steemit and exams together, so you might miss me for some days.
Don't worry I have just four papers left I would give you amebo next Friday. Thanks for understanding, I might post short post once in a while tho.
I will miss you😘
Honorable mentioned
Thanks for the gist.
I'm so sure you love my steemit dairy, and I take it as a duty to get you entertained.
So do you have a complain, contribution or suggestion? Feel free to drop it on the comment box. I love you.

As usual...

Give away.... Yaaaaa

So first five people to comment, upvote and resteem receives a sum of 0.10 SBD each

To send me gists and gossips or an upcoming birthday, events or to place your advert, contact me on..
Telegram- rebeccafl
Discord- rebeccafl

you might want to support my dairy, feel free to show the love, by sending steem and SBD donations to @rebeccafl. Thanks

Supporter and donator so far @zizymena and @jeaniepearl

please ignore all my blunder.

I made a lot
Thank you

Be you!

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Ameboooooo Rebeccaaaa!


So you are the @one-person.
I have catch you today!!!


Lol what did I do o?

Thats how i was glued until the final full stop
You rock dear but this your amebo ehn, person go dey hide now.

Keep it up dear


Much love for you sweety.

Thanks for the gists😘😘

@Rebeccafl, thank you for using the naijapidgin tag.

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@amec and the missing memo
@ewuoso issa killer

@rebeccafl continue o
One day you will jam, hahahaha.
It was fun jare.
@adebless hello from this side o
@jeaniepearl show some love na


@vheobong i love you😘


I love you too shuga


Pls who is @adebless? Me ayam hearing that name for the first time o



This is real amebo ooo,

See updates, u do well dear


Thank you😘

Bae, you are trying oh, with OSUSTECH exam questions, you still cooked this delicious meal. Gbefun one time.

Keep soaring bae, I got you.😍


Sis. Humm, na God hand i dey oo
You know i love you😘

Tatafo.. You really like to do Amebo. So my name wasn't here afterall. I'm coming for you.



This is indeed cool. You are a wonderful gbeborun. I enjoyed every part of it


I'm glad you liked it!
Thank you😘

Amebo mebo wehdone ma
I love wah u doing keeep it coming


You know i love you
Thanks for the gist😘


I love u too baby

hehehehehe... I enjoyed this


See who hs here, the boss himself. Thanks boo😘

Fabulous one lady!

I love the effort you put into this, the time, the creativity and so on. Entertainment is fun, thanks for the updates too.



Thank you
So glad you like if

Your ameebo strong o, Even unto memo? @amec your sins have found you out😁😁😁😁 @rebeccafl what explanation do you need?


That not my writing oo. nanana

My lover...every episode has always been a hit!!! I am proud of you sweet. Thanks for the mention.


Baby girl, i love you😘

When @mimi start to de break dance? Oga @ehiboss boss coman carry your person I no get strength.. Chia so @drigwe-eu travel all the way from where his is coming from to and tour in @adabless's what are my even saying.. @smyle is finally in love oo 🙆🙆 @adabless and @iamchijamz am watching you people from high places.. Lemme coman be going me I don't like amebo.. @Rebeccafl I heart you dear keep it up


U self u too like amebo, is in your mouth they will ear everything. Lolss

Thank you😘

Lol! Babe at least let me partake in the joy...Nice one dear @rebeccafl


You are welcome dearest😍


Wait oo
Are you the @eunireal1 sister?


I'm waiting already o 😂
Yes we are blood sisters, infact she's my younger sister.


It mice meeting you beauty


Thanks dearie. Same here.

Amebo girl my name no de today


No worry, my eye go catch u soon

Nice inspiring piece you shared @rebecaafl ...your steemit diary keeps improving:)
Will Keep all the tips and info in mind...i didnt know @mimy could break dance like that oo...lolz:)
Wishing you success in your exams dearie:)
Thanks for the initiative and sharing at this hour....upvoted and resteemed!!



Thank you sweet
Gald you love it😘

Awwwwwn....this is beautiful dear


Thanks sweet😘

Chai, love on the blockchain!
Make una love and get ready for heart break too, lol. Bad Belle dey worry me. 😋😋😋

I'm suspecting @vheobong and @one-person

@rebeccafl, I love your undiluted amebo ✌✌✌ keep it up.




Do i see delegation of authority.

I have a steemit crush tho.
@rebeccafl there's work for you. Lemme see how you will find out


😂😂😂you're minding that one


I'm still watching you, keep confusing me.
Shey you're not hopelessly romantic.... When we have @turpsy and co😋


I am here @jeline.


Greetings 🙌🙌🙌


Hahaha, they have open her yash


Thanks boss
I'm waiting oo

😂😂😂 my dear I'm always around, but careful with this your Amebo o


Yes ma😘

Hey dear, @rebeccafl, its been a week since i started following you.
I must confess you're doing a great job.
I wish to be like you when i grow up, hehehehe..........


Oh you dont have to be like me...
Be yourself, do what you love doing, put in your best and i see you making it on the blockchain. Love you😘

How many times did I call you?
This your amibo skills not be for here o, sotay you do amibo reach memo?
Haaaa!! Truly diaris nothing hidden from you...


I only heard my name once oo
Is our work, soft work.
Thanks sis😘


Aswear I tire oo.... Make i no jus catch her today sha

Coughs, ameebo buruku
Anyways, I really love what you're doing mehn. People need to support this talent I swear down. Resteemed already. Keep the gossip Girl! 😍 😂


Thanks boss
Greet name sake for me oo😘


O ma gbo, ☺
Who is paying bayi?

You really get A1 for amebo work. Kia. See how you finish me and many more. Cant we just have steemit tv? We should watch all these life na. Babe you are good. Kudos


And i can watch your cooking live too.
Thanks ma

What is my name doing here kwan? @rebeccafl, i sense something fishy here.

What's the bride price for you?


Me self dont understand.

@rebeccafl jus comman kneel down here laidat.... U need serious flogging😑....kilode!...monitoring spirit sombori....see how she af cast me finish😣😣


I don dey kneel since oo
Make i stand?


No stand up oo...naughty fish

Wonderful amebo...

Wonderful! in Okon Lagos'voice
Lemme come and be going before gist swallow me ooo.
Anticipating next week... By the way, I have amebo for you oooo😯😯😯


That the second best thing like doing... Amebo
Thank u😘

Well done, gal


Hey boo
Thank you😘

It's my first time on your blog @rebeccafl. Guess what brought me 😏

One amebo I heard that has my name on it, so, I came to confirm.

But on a serious note, your blog is bae. I love everything about this diary show. You just kept me glued till the very drop of your pen. I so much enjoyed reading. Please keep it up! Never relent, never slow it down. Keep pushing, keep gisting and keep transmitting 😁😁

Stay super blessed! 🙌 😘


You are so sweet love, you have no idea how your comming means to me.
Thanks baby😘
Let's keep transmitting. Hahahaha