My steemit dairy

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Hey guys!!!!
Thank God its Friday, and I'm so excited to bring to you another new episode of my steemit dairy!!!!

Guess what?
My dairy just got better!!!!

I met this amazing friend on steemit and he has been awesome ever since, feeding me with so much ideas.
I'm dedicating this whole episode to my papa bear😍😍
Bear hugs XoXo😘


Announcing my new dairy!!!!

This is how it gonna be, my steemit dairy isn't going to be about gossips anymore, but about contest where everyone would be a winner!

It gonna be rotating with new happenings every Fridays.

# Week one- Hairstyle week This week is gonna be fun and exciting. (You show me your best hairstyle of the week and the judge picks the winner)
# Week two- Poetry week This week it gonna be about poems, prose, lines, verse. (I pick a title and you write a poem about it. Then the judge picks the winner)
# Week three- Mystery week This week is gonna be mysterious. (We either write a short scary and trilling story or we go in search of something. Ultimate search, hahaha)
# Week four - Kids says the craziest things! Hahahaha, this week.... You tell me the craziest thing you've heard a kid say, with my judge to pick the winner.
This is gonna be fabulous!

Reward pool

1st winner - 1.5 steem
2nd winner - 1 steem
3rd winner - 0.5 steem
(These reward might increase depending on the post payout and donations)
Little tokens would be sent to other participants
So, everyone is a winner!!!!

# Judges 1. @paradise-found 2. @mimy 3. @bookoons


  1. This is the first week and it the Hairstyle week
    (Post your best hairstyle in the comment section and win free steem)

  2. Resteem this post for more visibility

  3. Upvote this post

4.Drop your hairstyle in the comment section

# My entry

This is my best hairstyle for the week, and I made it from my coming birthday. Hahaha

So post yours and stand a chance to win free steemit!!!
Note- this contest is open to both male and female.

So I'm making a shout-out to this people in no particular order
@rebeccafl(my self first) hahaha, @zizymena, @jeanipearl, @daniel-otniel, @mimy @rose-blessing, @oredebby, @aniky-treasure, @pearlumie, @ttopswag @morahn, @bookoons, @eunireal1, @camzy, @amec, @steven-dion, @phunke, @thomas-gift, @stevenmoses, @mittymartz, @adabless, @doris-adihoa, @vhebong, @sammie-gold, @ehiboss @dawizy, @jblsignature @enoye, @illuminatus, @dhayor, @samminator, @soorefunmi, ...
( I'm sorry if I couldn't mention your name, but I swear you mean so.much to me)

Special thanks to @Paradise-found and @gratefulvibes family.

He is the awesome whale
**He is the CEO of @gratefulvibes
Guess and win 0.2 steem

If you come back to the world again, would you still be the same sex you are now?
And if not, why?* item


**BIRTHDAY** Happy birthday to @turpsy In advance to @moranh @ewuoso @hornblend ***


Hello baby, smiles.
So if you are reading this and you are just one month old on steemit, tell me in the comment box, I have something for you😘
Just continue posting, making friends, stop spamming and begging for upvote, have patience and pray. Yes Pray!
I suggest the following tags

  • @mermaidvampire runs her full time contest, guess and win token. Visit her blog and win something

  • Dont forget @gee1 fun corner, make sure u have fun.
    Mondays, - man crush monday
    Wednesday - Woman crush wednesday
    and Thursdays - Throwback Thursday

  • @ulog is there too, tell us how you spent your day
    So many contest and challenge to participate in.
    Just make sure you are catching enough fun.

Just don't give up, not now...
Better days ahead, hun?


make sure you don't miss any of these shows

  • @gratefulvibes family show
    Stand a chance to win free steemit, upvote from a whale and lots more on this show
    It gonna happen 3pm every Friday on @gratefulvibes discord channel. Dont miss it.

  • steemit in Nigeria!!!
    You can't afford to miss it

Around the world with @daniel-otaniel

A block chain saloon here with @bookoons

Saturday night with @zizymena

@jeanipearl TGIF show

@camzy Entertainment show

Prompting culture with aniky-treasure

The beautiful kitchen with @adoore-eu

@oluwatobilola relationship show

@oredebby movie show

@soorefunmi sellfie contest

Worry less Wednesday with @itoroarchibong

Have you heard about the #lovedoctor on steemit?
You shouldn't miss his Monday shows #air-clinic where he give answers to @zizymena questions and gives relationship advices. 8:00 pm


You feel the need to reach me?
Contact me here
Telegram- rebeccafl
Discord- rebeccafl


Be you!

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Good evening dear. This is a very cool show. I love your hairstyle. Happy birthday in advance. The name of the CEO of @gratefulvibes is @paradise-found


Well you got it dear
0.2 steem for you.
Thanks for stopping by😘

Interesting episode this week. I love the new look too. Ceo of @gratefulvibes is @paradise-found also known as papa bear


Someone got it already.
Thanks for stopping by sweet😘

Good work here first lady. Thank you for the birthday wishes.


Thank ya😘😘


No, wrong!
Thanks for stopping by😘

Oh wow!!!!...........My bestie of life........You looking great. Can't say much now...........But i must confess. this is mind blowing.

More Power to your elbow Darling.


Baby boo
I love you bestie😘

God bless yhu


And you too

Happy birthday in advance too dearie...


Thanks boo
In advance to you too😘

The ceo of @gratefulvibes is @steemgigs

I love the new features of this show dear. Nice one


Lol you try


You got it wrong, but thanks for stopping by😘

Nice concept @rebbecafl always with the sauce. Nice pic you gat there and happy birthday in advance.
Its my very first time making this hairstyle(Fringe) so I really can't say its my best for now ooo... Let me just drop this cos thats what I'm carrying presently. #winksIMG_20180905_075149.jpg


It looks good on you baby😘
Thanks for participating

Happy B-Day in advance dear. You have such a wonderful agenda lined up, hopeful I will be able to participate in them.
Am not up-to 2weeks here on steemit so yes I am new here.
This is the hair am carrying now I won't say it's my best but I like it.


Keep steeming baby
Thanks for participating

Baby girl, I love your vibes..... Chop kiss
By they way, you mis spelt my name.


Oh baby
Gat so much love for ya!❤
Sorry baby💃

Awesome post my friend!!
Love the contest idea!!
Bear Hugs!!


Thank you papa bear
You are amazing


I love my long hair.


Thanks for participating