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Have you ever wondered what it would be like living in an age without electricity?


This idea is not so far off from reality and has already happened in certain places around the earth. Although not in the way you might think.

Through my research I have found a few instances of how an EMP could effect your country.

The Experimental Option

Most countries may have not experienced a large scale EMP but there are experimental weapons that have been used recently and correlate. In 2003 a report was released saying "The U.S. Air Force has hit Iraqi TV with an experimental electromagnetic pulse device called the "E-Bomb" in an attempt to knock it off the air and shut down Saddam Hussein's propaganda machine, CBS News Correspondent David Martin reports."
Small scale experiments like this one are most likely only a small piece of the whole pie. If this sort of thing has happened in 2003 imagine 2020.

The Nuclear Option

Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While the bombs that were used on these people were not EMP weapons they indirectly released exactly that. The "Fatman" and "Littleboy" were nuclear bombs sent to kill Japanese people during WW2. When the bombs exploded they were both reported to have released a large electromagnetic pulse. It's a scary thing to think that not only would a nuclear attack obliterate anything in its path but could also release an effect shutting down electronics and electricity sources on a wider path range.

The idea of the EMP is not far from our backyards. If your country does not have protection from an attack such as this the results would be devastating. Imagine an entire countries power shut down for months or even years leaving the people open to all sorts of attacks and without vital services humans have come to need.

I pray that the world steers clear of using weaponry on each other that has these effects, if not we could be looking at another dark age fairly soon.

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If I could choose I rather be hit with an EMP-pulse then a NUKE...

Do you remember that show with Jessica Alba "Dark Angel"?
In that post apocalyptic future world, they had been hit with EMP and nothing was working properly... Or some "cyber-punks" had things that would work etc, and also secret black-ops militia groups etc, but the public didn't really have functioning electronics and telecommunications...

Man I was so in love with Jessica Alba in that show, she was a mutant part feline, and really bad-ass...



They would both be horrible for sure! I haven't watched that one I will have to look it up. Jessica Alba is definitely sexy!

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I would rather have like no electricity and no internet, then turn into burnt barbecue... But maybe its just me... =)

Jessica Alba's character "Max" was really cool in that series, not sure why they took it off the air... A bit too anarchistic and anti-authoritarian for that time maybe...? (It was broadcasted around 2001-2002 right around 9-11)...