BSR Cable park...Super slide, A Real royal flush...!!!

in #entertainment4 years ago

BSR Cable park is an adventure getaway in Waco, Texas which offers a lazy river, volleyball match, wakeboard lessons and a super cool “Royal flush”- a person launching slide.

Royal flush slide became a world wide attention after a new promotional broadcast. A stunning 4k video of Royal flush slide created by the film makers AJ Aguirre and Ben Hamner which became viral on the net, got more than 50lac viewers in less than 48hrs. Lets find out how thrilling it is..!!

Now, the Royal flush is the main attraction of the park. Owner Stuart Parsons said, more than 6,000 visitors are hitting the park per week after the promotional video.

Slide is 120 feet in length and 50ft above the ground. Of the three slides, the largest one is called Royal flush. Slides were opened for public in May 2015 and it costs just $15 a day in addition to other fees for entering the park.


Pretty darn cool! I'd LOVE to slide this one, thanks for sharing, namaste :)

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looks like so much fun.

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Wow... thats an amazing video.....:)

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