Testing the Sluban Chinese Lego Brand (Station Wagon)

Thomas is really in the mood for testing Chinese Lego, and he has lots of orders delivered at his door in the coming weeks, so hopefully, you are as excited as he is about it all. The last product he tested was a Lego Friends car (kind-of-thing) with the Sluban brand, a nice looking Station Wagon. But, was it really that good?

So far, Thomas has been really satisfied with the Kazi brand, but what about Sluban, or is it Enlighten? Based on the description on AliExpress, it doesn't show really, because it sais that Enlighten is the Item Brand at one place, and at the next place, it says Sluban. Well, who cares? It would be nice to know though, but as of know, you can just consider this little review to say something about both Enlighten and about Sluban.

The Lego Station Wagon from China
The Lego Station Wagon from China

The Station Wagon consists of 153 pieces, making it quite small. And, if you take that into consideration, it isn't really very cheap, with a price around 6-7 USD (and from some sellers around 10). It isn't the worst price, but considering that sometimes you can buy Chinese Lego with more than 1000 pieces for only 20 USD, it still feels quite expensive.

How hard is the Sluban/Enlighten Lego to build?

Thomas didn't really construct this car himself, but instead he gave it to a seven-year old boy who loves constructing Lego, and it went smoothly. The steering wheel was broken during the construction process, which should be considered a minus. It might have to deal with the quality, or with the clumsyness of the constructor, but it is still worth knowing that you might want to be careful with the steering wheel during construction.

But, all in all, it was an easy product to construct. It isn't big, but if you have a little girl in the house that has been dreaming of a Station Wagon for a while, this might be a nice treat.

Is the Enlighten/Sluban Lego compatible with normal Lego bricks?

Yes, they are completely compatible with your existing normal Lego bricks from the original Lego brand.

Finished and ready for playing
Finished and ready for playing

All in all, this is a nice piece of Lego that will bring joy to the house. But, Thomas isn't completely happy with it, mostly because it doesn't really feel that cheap considering the size of the construction, and also because it also feels like a very close to rip-off from the original Lego when it comes to design and everything.

The character coming with the car looks really crappy, and doesn't look very much like typical Lego, while the dog is really cool!

All in all, this isn't at all the best Chinese Lego Thomas has bought or tested. If you want to give it a try, you can buy it right here on AliExpress.

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