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Since the approach of the blockchain innovation, straightforwardness and decentralization is the new arrangement, most divisions need to tap from the blockchain's undiscovered possibilities. In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto created the blockchain to be utilized by people in general (world everywhere) as an exchange record for the world's first cryptographic money (computerized resource) 'BITCOIN', this development which is presently drifting and the most confided in advancement for bitcoin made it the main computerized cash to take care of the issue of twofold spending without the need of a concentrated server or a confided in power (middle person). The bitcoin configuration birthed different applications and blockchains that are clear by people in general and are broadly utilized by digital forms of money. A down to earth portrayal of the significance of the blockchain innovation can never be overemphasized, the authenticity of any exchange completed on the blockchain can't be tested because of its straightforward and secure nature.

Presenting ENKRONOS

ENKRONOS is an association that was established by very specific experts with a profound love for mechanical advancements and business enterprise. The center motivation behind ENKRONOS is to create world-class arrangement custom programming to meet the regular need of their customer and furthermore to upgrade the value of their customers' the same old thing. They offer to give the best web answers for their clients, they are focused on making accessible capable administrations to empower the matter of clients to develop and prevail in their business destinations successfully and effectively. They mean to create cross-stage goals and structures, ENKRONOS the executives comprises of specialists on the web, versatile and cloud improvement. Applications fabricated or made by these master designers' proffers propelled security, adaptability and multifaceted nature needs. Research and revelation specialists are likewise accessible to find out about the matter of customers, through which they find out about the prerequisites of the application and build up the guide they should follow in a procedure called 'scientific stage'.

ENKRONOS is an impartial and favorable stage for a wide range of uses (which incorporates decentralized applications – DAPPS)


ENKRONOS has a current created and exceedingly refined motor that permits the acknowledgment of complex advanced stages with the to a great degree aggressive occasions and expenses, ENKRONOS imagines to achieve 700 Billion Joined States Dollar add up to advertise top and to make a straightforward decentralized blockchain based risk framework for important attention, advancing and information driven crusades and ventures.

ENKRONOS are masters on the accompanying:

★ Advanced Stage Improvement

★ Advanced Technique

★ Online networking Advertising

★ Making of thorough custom web and portable programming applications

★ Finish Advanced Technique with expert engineers, creators, and promoting strategists cooperating for a shared objective

SECURITY and Information Assurance ON ENKRONOS

On ENKRONOS fitting measures have been set up to guarantee sufficient security and wellbeing of customers data and information, applications can oppose normal and propelled examples of a security rupture and furthermore distinguish powerlessness regions of interior and outer intersection point that could be abused by programmers or noxious clients.


ENKRONOS Applications will give a system where designers can make and advance their applications with no rationale parallels with each other aside from utilizing comparable, very secure and safe SSO stage and an incredible Programming interface association of all ENKRONOS Applications. At the point when an application is distributed on the stage, the application will be unmistakable and open for its makers to utilize, an outsider application can utilize all accessible or utilize none and they will likewise have permission to comprehensive properties which settle any complexities they may experience. Since May fifteenth, 2018 applications are now accessible for download. ENKRONOS Application DOWNLOAD

ENKRONOS Applications proffers boundless access to a huge scope of uses on the stage which are altogether unmistakable, they run from advertising and advancements to simulated intelligence/AR commitment, to IoT+AI observing and forecast to mass association. The interfaces among single applications will make an all the more amazing basic perspective of clients' information. Kinds of utilizations on ENKRONOS ranges from versatile and web applications, enlarged reality applications, answers for the board of client faithfulness and dependability battles, stockpiling and circulation of computerized passes, ticketing, couponing, web based business and conveyance, stages for e-casting a ballot and popular government, e-installment and fintech arrangements, GPS following, web-based social networking, media, dream recreations, sensors, semantic web among others are for the most part claims to fame of ENKRONOS system and they all can be classified into three noteworthy layers which include: information (open enlist and private database), stage (connector all things considered and end administrations) and administrations (distinguishes administrations and applications gave to the end client.


ENK is an ERC-20 good token standard on the Ethereum blockchain (savvy contract), ENK is the abbreviation of ENKRONOS TOKEN, this utility token will fuel the ENKRONOS system and it will be utilized as the standard method of installment for administrations rendered on the system. It is the main money acknowledged when utilizing ENKRONOS Applications. All exchanges identified with dispersed credits on EKRONOS Applications can be gotten to exclusively with the utilization of ENK. After the private deal, pre-deal and open closeout of ENKRONOS no other token will ever be made, printed or mined and all unsold will go to ENKRONOS d.o.o (an advanced technique organization that is situated in Slovenia which is in charge of the distinctive moving periods of ENK tokens).


★ Faithfulness Setting

★ Challenge Dream

★ FeelGrid (Brilliant Vineyard, Water The executives, Air Contamination, Squander The board, AgriTech, Building The board, Keen City)

★ McAudience

★ Your Gamify

★ Swee.io

★ Crypto-State

★ Outsiders Applications

WEBSITE: https://ico.enkronos.com/
WHITEPAPER: https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EnkronosApps_WP_1.4.pdf
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/enkronos/
TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/enkronos/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/enkronos/
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/enkronos/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2OW3UrPJiCnx-Y6EyL25RA
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/Aplk7BMPqcV2UMJHRQYh-w

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