English Phrasal Verbs (174/365) - Tear Up Something/Tear Something Up

Divorce - torn marriage license

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A man tearing up a marriage licence. He's tearing something up in both a literal and a figurative sense.

To tear up something/tear something up means

A) to rip something (usually a piece of paper) to shreds in order to destroy it completely.

Example sentence:

  • Sandra tore up photographs of her lying and cheating ex boyfriend.

B) to pull something up from the ground

Example sentence:

  • A storm tore up several trees in the area.

C) to cease to accept an agreement or a contract

Example sentence:

  • President Trump tore up the Iranian nuclear agreement.
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Hi markku. All the examples are spot on and used every day. Very common.

I'm back! The first meaning sounds familiar to me, and the third makes sense because is related to the first, being the first literal and the third figurative, just as the example at the beginning

  1. Don't you dare tear up her ticket.

  2. Just tear up the contract and be done with it.