English Phrasal Verbs (173/365) - Bring (Something/Someone) Over

GySgt Hartman inviting Pvt Joker to come over to his house to fuck his sister. The whole scene is great. Pvt Joker demonstrates balls of steel throughout the whole scene and others.

To bring something/someone over means bringing something/someone from one place to another where someone else is (often the home of that someone else). To come over (to some place) usually means coming to somebody's home.

Example sentences:

  • I'll bring some cake over when I come tomorrow.
  • I brought my new girlfriend over to my parents' house yesterday.
  • In Full Metal Jacket, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman sarcastically tells Private Joker he can come over to his house and fuck his sister right before punching him in the abdomen. He did that to stop Pvt. Joker from making any more wisecracks.
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Example sentences:
I brought my new car, let's go for a little walk in the mountains, I'll bring many strawberries.

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You forgot the particle "over".

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