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*** Marcus Andres Stivanelli Castle. 17 years old. Student occupation.***

Young woman with clear and blond skin.
Only child, introverted, student in the last year of high school.

With excellent grades, few friends, but loving parents who tried to give him everything he needed.

One Monday, April 11, at about 7 o'clock in the morning, Marcus, with 13 years of age, goes to the institute for his first day of classes, feelings of nerves, anxiety and emotion run through his whole body, he knew that That day began a new phase of his life, new friends, new teachers and of course a new study institute. What good expectations I had about this new beginning.


Upon arriving at the door of his new place of study, place where he would spend the next 5 years of his life.

I watch carefully, it was a large glass door, where you could see some people inside. Around it there was a parking lot with cars of different brands, colors and styles.

Many students arrived in their cars, or were brought by their parents, others in various buses, and many arrived like him, walking or on their bicycles.

How much emotion Marcus felt ... He also knew that his childhood friend would also study there, Eric.

They were going to continue sharing experiences. Marcus had spent the entire holiday season thinking about it, that they would still be best friends.

But the reality that was going to face was another ...

In his first hour of classes, they did the usual, introduce themselves and meet their various teachers and of course the facilities, the institute was really big, more than he had imagined. He realized he did not see any class with Eric and he had not even seen him.

A few days passed and I already knew all the facilities and types of groups that had, the athletes, the reading club, the arts group, the science, math, music and others who did not even understand that It was what they did.

I see his friend Eric in the distance, he was with the sportsmen. Well, Eric had always been good at sports, obviously there he would try to continue playing basketball. Quite the opposite to him, Marcus had never been good at anything related to the sport, he was more mathematics, but that had never affected the friendship with Eric.

He decided to go to greet him, and he did, when he reached the table where Eric was, I notice how the other guys looked at him with unpleasant eyes, but Eric greeted him with great familiarity and even introduced him as his friend.

For the rest of the boys it was not pleasant, on the contrary, they told him to stay away from the place that was not for him.

But these guys had already noticed the existence of Marcus and this had made bullying point for athletes ... The days of Marcus They happened to be beaten, verbally abused, pointed out and criticized for any reason.


Little by little Marcus was left alone, being with him could be reason for the other students to reject them, so it was better not to be close to him.

The expectations of that first day of classes where he thought everything would be perfect, were overshadowed day after day.

4 years later, now 17 years old and in the last year of high school, Marcus had become a lonely boy, His look was dark, nobody spoke to him, even Eric forgot him, friendship that in some They had and were part of the boys who mistreated him.

No one imagined what Marcus had been planning for a year before. He was tired of the mistreatment, of the institute, of all those who studied in him, he was tired of his life.

He promised to make him pay all the abuse he had been a victim of.

One morning, more exactly on Tuesday May 13 he woke up and knew that day everyone would remember, everyone would pay and everyone should die.

One year took a long time to gather an arsenal of weapons that he had hidden very well so that his parents could not see them, he asked for the car keys from his father and went to the institute. He knew that day would be the end, that day everyone would know who he was, they would pay all the abuse to those who had exposed him, how many times he did not think about committing suicide, but it would be very easy for everyone and they would not pay anything, after they were going to mistreat another boy and his death would have no relevance.

Marcus wanted to see them suffer, to pay for all the mistreatment to which they had subjected him these 4 years.

And how rewarding it would be to see them die to each of them, to ask for forgiveness.

Thirst for revenge was what I had.

What satisfaction it would be to shoot each one, that his blood would be scattered in the corridors.

Let them cry and beg for their lives.

He arrived at the parking lot and was armed with various weapons, which were underneath his mostly black.

I went to the institute, it was almost to be 12 noon, time when everyone went to the dining room to meet and have lunch, there the party would start, there they would all be reunited, reunited to die.

12:15 pm. Marcus entered the dining room, nobody noticed his arrival, until that moment ...

I notice that he was coming to him, Juan, one of the many who enjoyed getting into him, and he did, he approached and addressed him with bad words

- look who is here, the most imbesil and weirdest of all.

Marcus only smiled, he would be the first to die, he put his hand in one of the pockets and pulled out a gun and without thinking twice shot him in the chest. Juan fell very badly injured.

Upon hearing the shot everyone in the dining room began to scream and run to get out of there, but Marcus was at the door would not go out without going out there ...

He began to shoot at all those who came looking to leave. He felt satisfaction, it was like being an all powerful, he had the life of many at his disposal.

But he had specific victims and would not spend all his ammunition and not meet the objective of that attack

All those who did bullying were together, hidden, how easy it had been to find them, they were all scared and approached them.

See her eyes of anguish, even some crying and pleading please do not kill them, but Marcus wanted revenge.

One by one he was shooting at them, all around him he saw people running, he heard screams of anguish, of despair, what he had imagined so long, the blood covered the white floor of the dining room, he was shot one by one the guys who hurt him, he even shot others he had never seen before, but that sense of killing was satisfying, he could not stop, he did not want to stop.

But ... there was someone who was missing, where was he?

Where it could have been hidden ...

He started to look for him with despair, he shouted his name, he just needed him, he only had to die so that everything would end.

Eric, Eric, Eric ...

***He saw it, in the end, hidden among some tables.***

- quiet friend, come.- said Marcus

Eric just watched him his eyes radiated despair. Sadness, fear, much fear

- Are you afraid, friend? , do not worry, I will not do anything to you, I'll be as good as you were with me, remember.

Upon hearing this Eric could only cry, when he finally could say something was:

- sorry, I'm so sorry.

-Sorry? Do you feel it? . I'm not sorry, you just miss your Friend

And closer to him, Eric just cried, and marcus laughed

- this is the most special friend, keep it for you.

And I take out a shotgun

Eric could not believe what he was seeing. I could not stop crying and begging, but I knew that would be the end.

So it was.

Marcus put the shotgun in his forehead and without saying anything else, shot.

Eric's blood spattered his face, the cephalic mass of his brain spilling from his forehead.

A lump in the throat was made to Marcus, what did he have ?, Why did he want to cry ?, That's what had to happen, that death would be the greatest of his satisfactions, but it was not like that, he wanted to cry, in spite of everything he considered Eric his friend, and he had died, he had killed him.

He released the shotgun and saw on the right one of the weapons he had on the floor and picked it up, it was all over, his revenge was over, there was nothing left. ***
*** I look around, there were many bodies on the ground, all dead. Blood everywhere, in the distance you could still hear cries of anguish, police sirens, he felt dazed, confused, he had done all that, he caused that scenario.

He raised his hand with the gun and placed it on his hundred, his finger was on the trigger. That day was the last day in the life of many, so he decided ...

It would be your last day too.

Postdata: The story belongs to my author.

See you in a new opportunity


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