Tension grows in Bolivia with wounded in defense of democracy

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Dear steemians,

I am afraid that the worst part of my country's internal conflicts has already begun, the peaceful protests have changed, but this time not on the side of the people, but on the side of the groups related to the government of Evo Morales.
Sometimes, it is inconceivable to understand that there are people who can still trust the truthfulness of the words that come from the mouth of the current president. The peace of my people ended at the moment in which he himself as an authority summoned his bases to close and attack us, this has begun to unleash a number of confrontations caused by those who support this corrupt government, same that come to their pretended "peaceful marches" armed with firearms and machetes, provoking those who freely and with no intention of assaulting anyone claim their right to respect the vote.
As a result, only in my city in the past few hours, in the town of Montero there was a serious confrontation that resulted in a balance of two dead with a gunshot wound and eight wounded, some of which are serious and could join the list of dead for this government.
It is so unfortunate that it has been inevitable to shed some tears and raise some prayers for the soul of these characters, who are nothing more than heroes who had to die defending the freedom of the Montereño people who today mourn the loss of two brave Children of this land, who cries out only for peace.
What else can we expect? The police itself, which is also divided, at the time of the confrontations, goes out to defend the groups that support the tyrant, we feel alone on many occasions, but the struggle continues, the truth is on our side.
After eleven days, after the elections, they accept an audit by the OAS (organization of American states), now they think we will accept it and it is not so, we need new elections from the beginning, including a new electoral tribunal, since it has already been Checked the fraud, but still pretending that everything is fine and that they were transparent, it is so annoying that they insult the intelligence of the people.
I wish they had accepted this request before all the incongruities of this recent electoral process came to light, do they do it now? Now that they have taken so much time to make up what happened. Now that much of the court members have resigned? It is incoherent, right? Why do they do it? Because they know they will be judged by the people in due course.


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A Very Bad Situation!!!

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unfortunately it is so @lesmann , but with faith in God.

That is a "MUST"!

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