DTube has 2 Major bugs, which make the platform completely unusable. Please fix them before adding new features.

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I don't want to attack DTube. I genuinely believe that the decentralized internet has actual potential. For example you could earn cryptocurrencies. But more importantly, you could get your word out there without being censored.

I'm just telling DTube that their platform is currently in a broken state, and what exactly is broken, and that it would've had big potental, if it was fixed.

1. I can't trust DTube to preserve the videos I uploaded

I started posting some of my videos to DTube, because I wanted to upload them uncensored. But what's even the point of uploading content to any site, when you expect that content to stay forever, but truthfully, the content is all gone after a few months at best?

It happened 2 times to me:

I uploaded some videos on DTube. But eventually, all of them disappeared 1 week after upload.
Much later, I uploaded more videos. This time, they stayed for a long time. And I believed, that this time, DTube won't delete these newer videos.

But eventually, when I noticed that DTube introduced DTube Coins and DTube Accounts , these newer videos are gone as well.

Yes, YouTube has shitty policies at times. But at the moment, I can trust them more than DTube, that they preserve all the videos I upload.

@dtube, please fix your video preservation.

2. I can't even login

What's even the point of registering on a platform, when you can't even use it?
I can use the rest of the SteemIt platforms i ever used, just fine. They run very well.
But DTube is broken.

Their own Login system was broken from the beginning. Nothing ever seemed to happen when you pressed the Login button. Even after I was very sure, that I typed in the correct username and password.
The Login Button would never react to my mouseclicks.

But luckily, DTube also offered to Login via SteemConnect, which worked like a charm.
But after DTube introduced DTube Accounts with DTube Coins, they removed the ability to Login via SteemConnect, which makes it impossible to Login because you have to deal with DTube's broken Login Buttons that would never react to mouseclicks, without the ability to choose an alternative, actually working login page.

@dtube, please fix your Login buttons

Yes, @dtube. This is all I ask for.
Please just make sure to actually preserve all the videos that are uploaded on your platform. And that it's actually possible to use the Login button.

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