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It is clear, a person's success is associated with the ability to achieve their proposed goals.

Being successful is a personal matter, because the objectives and goals depend on the motivations, interests, principles and values of each individual.

The road to success is framed by a series of attitudes and strategies that each person assumes and builds through the development of its dimensions as an integral being.

Dimensions of the Human Being that Lead to Success

A person who is on the way to achieving their goals, needs to develop the four essential dimensions of the human being to maintain an internal balance that leads to success.

The integral human being has:

  • Autonomy: A person's ability to exercise control over their life, freely and responsibly.

  • Singularity: Dimension of the human being that makes it unique and unrepeatable, which allows him to develop creative processes for the achievement of his goals.

  • Openness: Develop socialization, give to others, have the ability to work as a team.

  • Transcendence: It is to achieve one goal and move on to another. It is to go beyond the intellect, recognizing in its interior the spiritual being with feelings and will.

The above well-developed principles are what make a person successful in everything he undertakes, even with difficulties and problems, since he can decide autonomously, without pressure what is right to do, he values ​​himself and recognizes his abilities , share selfishly knowledge, friendship and everything you can give; and the most important! He has a deep respect for others, because he recognizes in them the same dimensions.

How a Successful Attitude Is Manifested

  • Think big: You have clear what you want and go after it with autonomy and security to achieve your goals.

  • He knows how to handle mistakes, because he sees them as a learning opportunity.

  • Is willing to collaborate: Motivate the team, group or another person to produce good results. Teach and learn from others.

  • Qualify your performance: Combine effectiveness and efficiency to achieve effectiveness.

  • Take advantage of opportunities with interest and diligence: Always ready for the new challenge that comes your way.

  • It has a vision of the future: It goes beyond short-term goals. Plan your life based on continuous learning.

  • It is firm and flexible: It is flexible to prevent the firm from becoming rigid. It is firm to prevent the flexible from becoming weak.

  • Has charisma: Maintains good interpersonal relationships, creates empathy, and sells your ideas because it inspires confidence.

  • He is a seller of himself: He values ​​and publicizes his product with such a correct and convincing attitude that leaves no doubt. The product can be your abilities, your skills, a commodity.

The road to success starts with our capacity, continues with the remuneration and ends with recognition, which gives the satisfaction of a goal achieved and the motivation to accept the next challenge.

To develop singularity, autonomy, openness and transcendence in your life is to fully enjoy success and happiness forever.



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