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ws.pngThe beginning of everythingws.png

I came to Steemit with a suitcase of hopes and dreams, more than seven months ago.

At first, it used to happen to me that when I published something, I would check all the time to see if someone had given me a vote, if someone had given me a comment; sometimes I would wake up in the early hours of the morning and check the application again on my mobile phone and sometimes they would give me a vote, as there were others that didn't; it really became a challenge for me.


For most of my day, I kept the platform in mind, thinking about what to publish, what to write; when I was in my car, I had my mobile phone at hand in case I discovered some beautiful scenery, something curious that would arouse my attention or simply anything I could talk to them about.

Little by little, that was changing. I began to see that the platform had many vices, that "being a friend of..." had more power than publishing impeccable content, with good writing, good spelling and good presentation of the publications; I understood that this was worth little, because it didn't make life on a particular Discord server. I began to realize that large communities often gave their votes to people with mediocre content and bad spelling, simply because there was a friendship between both sides. It's pretty biased from every point of view.


However, I continued to publish, but mostly for the pleasure of writing and writing about my lyrics, many of my emotions and feelings. Whether I got a vote from a whale or not, it didn't keep me awake anymore.

ws.pngThe new things ws.png

Then I met @chuckyfucky, @powerpics and @ienrikex and my scheme changed completely. I saw that there were people like them, really committed to the platform, to their ideals and that besides wanting to bring their projects to reality, they were very eager to guide people like me who believed in them in a disinterested way.

One day the opportunity to belong to Whaleshares opened up for me and I didn't hesitate for a moment to join this platform that gives a different approach to publishing, that they like quality content and above all, they support their users and I'm sure my content, will be better valued on this platform, because there will be no bots, which are already very negative for users and I know that there will be no flaws in any way, because the voting system is completely different because it encourages the user in a more organic and interactive way.

I am very happy to have been able to start sharing with this new community a range of possibilities that is opening up for me.

I invite all those who read this publication to join this new universe full of infinite possibilities to grow, interact and share their experiences through the pen.

I also hope that you will see me not only as a writer, also as a friend who is always willing to support you in whatever you need.

I'm here for you!

My participation in Spanish here

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