Awesome pictures from my last Red Queen

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Hello Steemit Friends!!! I'm very sorry I've been away and busy.
I recieved some beautiful pictures from this talented photographer Hugo Sifuentes from Stigma Productions. I met him at Supercon Retro and every since we meet at Florida Cons and collaborate. I enjoy that he gets my best angles and expressions.
These pics are from Florida Supercon in July, the only new thing I did was the wig, I recreated it and think this time looks even better (I will post a new blog about the proccess). The costume is the same with a couple touch ups.

Just in case if you want to check his Instagram:

Thanks to all for the support!!! I hope you enjoyed them ;-) and you are always welcome to comment and feedback.


great and keep it up..!

Thank you!!!! I will, I enjoy cosplaying too much

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