Enjoy your present, 'cause that's all we have! 🌻

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Hello dear steemian friends!

Here's how I start my days, with good energy, making a stronger and healthier body while mind gets concentrate and project what will be coming next during the day.

  • When we plan and organise our life, everything starts to be easier and simple.

If we focus on our present:

  • We'll begin to have a fuller life
  • The concerns will be transformed into actions
  • The worries will cease to exist because we will be occupying ourselves of what corresponds at each moment
  • Say goodbye as well to anxiety: past is already done, there's nothing else to do with; and the future doesn't exist yet. So keep calm and live now, because that's what we have, this moment.
  • "Problems" will become "no problems":

1- If it's something we can solve, we'll be working on the most effective solution.

2- If the solution doesn't depend on us and we have to wait for the moment when certain conditions are met, then we wait patiently and we keep going with other subjects.

3- If it's an irreversible situation, then it's time to let go.

So in any of the three cases, problems shouldn't be more importants than they really are.
We can not give to problems the control of our lives, but we can and we should control every situation with a quiet mind able to take better decisions.


¡Hola queridos amigos de Steemit!

Aquí les dejo una imagen de cómo comienzan mis días, con buena energía, formando un cuerpo más fuerte y saludable, mientras la mente se concentra y proyecta lo que vendrá a continuación durante mi día.

  • Cuando planificamos y organizamos nuestra vida, todo comienza a hacerse más sencillo, más fácil.

Si nos centramos en nuestro presente:

  • Comenzaremos a tener una vida más plena
  • Las preocupaciones se transformarán en acciones
  • Las preocupaciones dejarán de existir porque nos estaremos ocupando de lo que corresponde en cada momento
  • Diga adiós también a la ansiedad: el pasado ya se nos fue, no hay nada más que hacer; y el futuro aún no existe. Así que mantén la calma y vive el ahora, porque eso es todo lo que tenemos, este momento.
  • Los "problemas" se convertirá en "ningún problema":

1- Si es algo que podemos resolver, trabajaremos en la solución más efectiva.

2 - Si la solución no depende de nosotros y tenemos que esperar el momento en que se cumplan ciertas condiciones, entonces esperamos pacientemente y seguimos con otros temas.

3- Si es una situación irreversible, entonces es momento de dejar ir.

En cualquiera de los tres casos, los problemas no deberían ser más importantes de lo que realmente son.
No podemos otorgar a los problemas el poder de controlar nuestras vidas, sino que podemos y debemos controlar cada situación con una mente calmada que nos permita tomar las mejores decisiones.

I'm always glad to read your comments, so if you want to see more about self help by gracesunflower, please follow the links below / Siempre es un placer para mí leer vuestros comentarios, si desean ver más sobre autoayuda por gracesunflower, por favor abran los enlaces siguientes:
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Keep dreaming, but don't forget: live your dreams, don't dream your life!
Sigue soñando, pero no lo olvides: ¡vive tus sueños, no sueñes tu vida!


Right you are! Life really becomes easy when we plan. A lot of people say, no plan works perfectly so don't need to have one. Your plan might not work accordingly, but if you have one, you can modify it with situation.

I really appreciated your post.
I share with you this quote from the famous writer Eckharte TOLLE, that I recommend you read his book "THE POWER OF NOW" which includes everything you mentioned in this post
“Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time—past and future—the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.”
― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Kind Regards @aminekad from Morocco.

I've read this book some time ago, excellent! Thank you

I agree with this so much though sometimes, it' really hard to let go.
"3- If it's an irreversible situation, then it's time to let go."

congrats to you. mine is with a coffee and a cookie. but still managing a decent weight.
but i have a question that has nothind to do with the post.
why do people sometimes use @gracesunflower in their comments. what does this @ name do other than it looks cool. thanks

Today is a gift, that's why it's called present.. We will do well to make the most out 9f each day.

👍 @gracesunflower

The problem with people in general is that they either live in the past or in the future. "What if what I did yesterday was wrong?" "Am I going to do well in that job interview next week?"

We forget to enjoy and live in the present moment unfortunately and that is not healthy at all.

Excelente post, motivador y sobre todo ayuda sobre la manera de resolver los problemas que a veces se nos pasa, eso de si depende de mi de otros o es irreversible.

I think the same way. I loved this post!

Nice post. We also have to remember that nor all things are in our control. Sometimes bad things happen. We just have to push through them.

I love this post.😇

Perfect post, ending a not so perfect week.
Publicación perfecta, terminando una semana no tan perfecta.

I have the same feelings, too.good posts. Welcome to support me!

Waoo so amazing nature fell that and you are so beautiful lady your smile is killer 😉😉

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Yes it is good to live in the moment and forget the past as the past cannot be undone. At the same time to believe in God and yourself that you can make it.

i agree with you.you are so brilliant . your vote indicate you are so smart writer.
special thanks for your great content for sharing.wish you like to see https://steemit.com/education/@adviser/misconceptions-and-correct-approaches-to-breast-milk

It's really a precise and upright fact of life that life should be spent on basis of some rules and not just to waste it carelessly.Right now I am also going to overcome distress of my life.

muy bonita tu publicacion

Presence is strength.

Hola deseas ver peliculas en tu pc sin el riesgo de virus te enseño como

apoyanos somos nuevos en steemit gracias bendiciones!!

jeje, hola, soy nueva en Steemit (aún intento entender como funciona), me encantó el post. tardé mas tiempo en descifrar como votar y responder que en quedarme enganchada a tu post.

Hi, nice post. Thank you

Beautifully said @gracesunflower ! I like the positive spirit that you brought with us and I hope I can gain more wonderful insights from you later on. Follow on the way. Have a good one! :)

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